Medical Billing Faq’s

medical billing What is Medical Billing?
Medical billing is the practice of submitting claims to Insurance companies or the United States government, specifically Medicare in order to receive payment for services provided to a patient by a medical doctor or other licensed health care provider. . Medical billers usually work away from the public eye in the claims processing office, or in the billing department of a medical office, clinic or hospital. Their work hours consist of forty regular office hours from Monday through Friday. Go to: What is Medical Billing
medical billing What Is A Medical Biller?
Medical billers are important members of the medical office team. Their vast knowledge, flexibility, knowledge and skill comes into play each time a patient has received medical attention, a claim is coded, billed, and processed, and a case is closed. The medical billing career offers challenges, rewarding experiences, and good pay. Clerical and good organizational and people skills are also important traits to have. High school courses in mathematics, health, biology, typing, bookkeeping, computers and office skills will certainly help to pave the way for a career in medical billing and coding.Go to: Billing and Coding Career.
medical billing Training for Medical Billers
The medical biller’s training is extensive because of  the many responsibilities and duties involved. Those entering into this field should consider enrolling in a medical coding and billing training program that’s approved by the US Department of Education. This could be a vocational training institution in the local area or via a distance education course online. Go to: Student Success Story.
medical billing Medical Billing Experts
Medical billers are experts in the medical billing and coding process. They function as medical reimbursement consultants to medical practices to help them become more efficient. As you will quickly realize, the medical biller is seen as a patient’s advocate and regarded as a healthcare provider’s key to getting paid! Go to: Medical Billing Pros.
medical billing Medical Billing Certification
Medical billers and coders enjoy an important role where they work, whether as employed staff members, or working from a home based business as independent consultants. The government wants all coders of Medicare claims to be credentialed and certified. Yet, the National Inpatient Coder survey of 1999 showed that only a little over half of the inpatient coders are certified, although career training, financial aid, and grants are so readily available. Say yes, when employers ask: “Are you certified?”. It’s easier than you might think. Go to: Professional Certification.
medical billing Medical Biller’s Pay
Medical billers also are proficient in financial analysis, workflow and utilization of software, collections, insurance claim submission and management, patient and electronic medical records (EMR) management, HIPAA compliance, health insurance rules, insurance fraud issues, networking, marketing, customer services and many other related areas. The high demand on the job market allows medical billing and coding specialists to earn competitive wages. Medical billers and coders are compensated according to their level of training, experience, skills, and how effectively these skills are used. reports that the average annual salary range for Medical billers and coders is between $33,370 and $41,5061. Go to: Benefits of Certification.
medical billing Medical Billing Annual CEUs For Professionals
Professional medical billers are expected to participate in continuing education programs. Their professional associations and certification sponsors believe that continued education is the key to success in the medical billing and healthcare industry. Therefore they require that their membership obtains and documents a certain amount of annual CEU CREDITS to continue their certifications and licenses. Go to: Medical Billing CEUs.
medical billing Advancement Opportunities in Medical Billing and Coding
For several decades medical billing was done almost entirely on paper. However, with the advent of computers it has become possible to efficiently manage large amounts of claims. Many software companies have arisen to provide medical billing software to this particularly lucrative segment of the market. With today’s rapid advancement in medicine and technology opportunities for medical billers and coders abound. Although it can be a challenging career to break into at first it usually turns out to be very rewarding for those who made it. With additional education the possibilities are endless. Go to: Professional Advancement.
medical billing Medical Billing Home Business Start-Up and Success
We feature latest industry trends and news, information from leading career training institutions, tips from the pros, affordable continuing education CEU resources, and a free career info kit. Here are resources and tips on how to start your own medical billing or medical transcription services from home. Go to: Working from Home Tips.

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