Quick Safety Tips to prevent swine flu, pass it on to whom you care

Bangkok,  (DPA) Thai health authorities Saturday announced the country’s first H1N1-related death – a 47-year-old Thai woman.
Rewat Wisruthwes, director-general of the Health Ministry’s Medicine Department, confirmed that the patient died about 3 a.m. Saturday, the Bangkok Post online news service reported.

Thailand has confirmed 1,132 patients who contracted the H1N1 virus, also called swine flu, of which 1,110 have recovered. Of the other 22 still in hospital, two are listed in critical condition, the report said.

Chennai,   (IANS) A six-year-old boy who arrived in Chennai from Sydney Saturday and exhibited symptoms of swine flu has been quarantined, an official said.
“The boy, who flew in with four of his family members early Saturday morning, showed symptoms of swine flu and is under our observation at the Communicable Diseases Hospital here,” city health officer P.Kugananthan told IANS.

A couple who arrived in Chennai from the US last week had tested positive for swine flu and were admitted to hospital.

Canberra,  (Xinhua) The number of people infected with the deadly influenza A(HINI) virus, or the Swine flu, has crossed the 3,000-mark in Australia, the health ministry announced Thursday.
In an update to reporters, Health Minister Nicola Roxon said the country had 3,199 officially confirmed cases of influenza A(H1N1) virus as of Thursday afternoon.

Of them, 168 have been hospitalized. Thirty-six people were still in hospitals and 13 in intensive care units, she said.

“Those who have been in hospital mostly have been people with existing conditions,” she added.

So far three Australians have died from swine flu – one in South Australia and two in Victoria.

Roxon said guidelines have been released for the treatment of indigenous Australians, who might be particularly susceptible.

The government was deploying anti-viral medication to rural and remote areas to treat indigenous Australians, if necessary, she said.


swine flu prevention picture must see How To Prevent Swine Flu Infection when you travel America Europe China India Australia

  1. Step 1 How To Prevent Swine Flu Infection

    How To Prevent Swine Flu Infection

    Always cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing; ideally use something disposable like a tissue. Avoid touching your face, nose or mouth too frequently with your hands since swine flu appears to be transmitted through respiratory droplets in the same fashion as the common cold.

  2. Step 2

    How To Prevent Swine Flu Infection

    Wash your hands frequently with soap and water since swine flu like other viruses can be contracted by touching objects contaminated by the virus. It’s unsure how long the swine flu virus can survive on surrounding surfaces.

  3. Step 3

    How To Prevent Swine Flu Infection

    Though alcohol based hand sanitizers don’t routinely kill viruses they probably do offer some limited protection in preventing swine flu infections.

  4. Step 4

    If swine flu infections have been medically confirmed in your area consider avoiding large public gatherings. Individuals can be contagious with the swine flu virus for several day before demonstrating any signs or symptoms of infection. Be particularly careful about indoor gatherings where air circulates poorly.

  5. Step 5

    How To Prevent Swine Flu Infection

    If you’re really paranoid and don’t mind looking odd then consider wearing a respiratory mask. This barrier method does offer some basic protection against infection though not all masks are created equally. Higher quality masks capable of filtering out some respiratory infections are more expensive.

  6. Step 6

    How To Prevent Swine Flu Infection

    If you start feeling ill with cold or flu-like symptoms do not go to work. Stay home and begin the usual home remedies for colds and flu. Contact your health care provider, local health department or hospital emergency room if your symptoms worsen or fail to improve for information about where to go to be screened for possible swine flu infection

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