Medical Silhouette to measure wounds ways to improve wound assessment

The global cost of wound care is high and increasing, leading
medical specialists and institutions to seek more efficient and
accurate ways to improve wound assessment.

Such information is essential to enable more informed patient management decisions
to be made. Imagine an intelligent system that quickly obtains accurate
measurements of area and depth of a wound with no patient
contact. And then this system builds that information
into an electronic patient record for printing, electronic distribution,
and archiving. Information about the wound’s measurement
history is available so the serial progression of the wound
status is also calculated and presented. This information is
stored in a consistent method to a robust database. Data
can be shared with other hospital information systems using
international protocols for medical data interchange. And
because,inevitably, the clinician is pressed for time, most of this
process is automated.

Through the intelligent use
of technology, the ARANZ
Medical SilhouetteTM
Suite achieves this in a easy-touse
set of products designed
specifically for wound care
The Silhouette Product Suite
SilhouetteMobileTM: a portable hand-held computer
device with an integrated
high resolution
designed specifically for the wound care
This camera has embedded
lighting for automated image calibration.
SilhouetteCentralTM: a software-only data
management system for longer-
term storage and
organization of wound assessment information,
for synchronizing data between
one or more
SilhouetteMobiles, and for interfacing
to existing
health information systems. Based on industry
standard server, database and synchronization
standards, SilhouetteCentral can suit the smallest
wound care clinic to a large wound care enterprise.
SilhouetteMobile improves workflow in wound assessment,
a user
to quickly image and analyse a wound with a portable, non-contact
A New Concept in Advanced Wound Assessment
The SilhouetteTM Product Suite is designed for the wound
care professional.
The products seemlessly integrate enabling
of electronic data at the time of patient
- which can lead to improvements in efficiency
of wound assessment data collection
and more complete,
consistent, and accurate records.
Health Information
Systems (PACS/HIS)
to access
Silhouette medical
Wound Imaging, Measurement & Documentation Solution
Patents pending.
Specific features of this solution may change without prior notice.
SilhouetteCentral software is operated using Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, version 7 or later.
Silhouette is approved for sale in USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Approvals also enable sales in other countries. Please contact us for product availability in your
Key Features and Benefits
Highly portable mobile device
Very easy to transport to the patient
Computation of lengths, area, depth (or height) and
Record the vital measurements that describe the
wound progress
Data collection is non-contact
Minimise the risk of infection and discomfort
User friendly product suite
Minimise training time and ongoing product usage
Data is reproducible, repeatable and accurate
Have confidence in the accuracy of tracking patients
over time, even with different staff members
Automatic generation of patient report including
serial graphs
At the push of a button staff can graphically see
progress in wound healing
Integration with other medical information systems
The wound assessment data can be shared with
other compatible information systems

Who can Silhouette help?
Wound care clinics or hospitals looking for a cost effective way to increase productivity, and improve accuracy and
consistency of wound assessment records
Organisations conducting clinical trials into wound care and wound care products who need a robust, repeatable,
user-independent method for managing clinical trials and clinical trial data
Home care or district nursing agencies who wish to create more comprehensive records of patients in their care
Long term care facilities who need to document wound progress in their residents
Document Number: 2006-00129.7
The automatically generated report provides a comprehensive
of the status of the wound and its healing progress.
measurements and user-entered quantitative and
are included.
Copyright © 2006 ARANZ Medical Limited
For more information call us at 1 866 467 0934 or +64 3 374 6120, email us at,
or visit us at
Silhouette intelligently harnesses technology to make wound analysis more
and more accurate while still keeping it simple.
Silhouette advances efficient and accurate wound analysis into the digital era.
Silhouette sets a new standard for advanced wound assessment.

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