AQT90 FLEX Measures Troponin T Myoglobin CRP ßhCG D-dimer in lab

AQT90 FLEX bridges the gap between test accuracy and simplicity in acute care testing. You no longer have to choose between the two.

The AQT90 FLEX analyser combines the high measuring accuracy required for acute care testing with the ease of use you demand in your everyday work – whether in the lab or at the POC.

AQT90 FLEX provides fully automated and continuous quality control that checks every single process to ensure that every test is performed error-free.

Favourable comparison to lab methods

AQT90 FLEX results compare favourably to your lab methods, providing the confidence you need to make important decisions.

Contact Radiometer now to discover how AQT90 FLEX fits into your current testing methods.

High analytical sensitivity

AQT90 FLEX minimizes background fluorescence and detects small amounts of analyte by using time-resolved fluorescence based on europium as a tracer. The high analytical sensitivity of this process delivers heightened clinical sensitivity and helps to secure correct diagnosis.


AQT90 FLEX enables you to run up to 30 tests per hour and up to 240 tests when the instrument is fully loaded (15 cartridges, 16 tests).

Short TAT

Your results are available at the point of care in 9-18 minutes, depending on the parameter, and then printed and automatically sent to LIS/HIS or directly to patient monitors.

No sample preparation

AQT90 FLEX measures whole blood, thereby eliminating the time consuming process of sample preparation.

Automated process

AQT90 FLEX saves time by allowing you to run more than one patient sample at a time. In addition, AQT90 FLEX offers automatic detection of sample and patient ID, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of human error and ensuring lab quality.

True test selection

Tests on a given sample can be selected individually or via predefined panels. AQT90 FLEX is capable of measuring up to five parameters on each individual sample.

And if you forget to select an analyte? No problem! Simply run it again.

Parameters Units Measuring Ranges
Troponin T µg/L 0.010-25
Troponin I µg/L 0.010-50
CKMB µg/L 2-500
Myoglobin µg/L 20-900
NT-proBNP ng/L 12-35,000
CRP mg/L 5-500
ßhCG IU/L 2-5,000
D-dimer µg/L 80-100,000

Understanding the AQT90 FLEX immunoassay

  • Antibodies are proteins of the immune system produced with high specificity in defence against foreign antigens. An antibody has a strong binding affinity for one antigen.
  • An immunoassay is a biochemical test that quantitatively determines the level of an antigen in blood.
  • AQT90 FLEX utilises a time-resolved fluorescence method to detect sandwich complexes formed between capture antibodies, europium chelate-labelled fluorescent tracer antibodies, and the antigen of interest.
  • AQT90 FLEX’s photo-multiplier tube computes the number of photons (particles of light) emitted by europium chelate. The concentration of the antigen in the blood is proportional to the level of fluorescence generated by the label.

The measuring process

  • AQT90 FLEX fully automates the measurement process from beginning to end: aspiration of the whole blood sample, dispensing the sample plus assay buffer into the assay specific dry chemistry sample cup, incubation, mixing and agitation, washing the sample, removing unbound antigen and tracer antibody, drying, and finally, measuring fluorescence via detection of emitted fluorescence.

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  • InterestedinIA

    The AQT90 FLEX does all this on whole blood? If this instrument is as good as the Radiometer blood gas instruments, it would really be fantastic for the Emergency Department or Cardiology Department.

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