Tempus IC a breakthrough in telemedicine,a full set of medical parameters with simultaneous real-time voice and video

Tempus IC is a breakthrough in telemedicine. It integrates over ten years of R&D, innovation, real-world experience and unique communications technology. Its leading edge design solutions unite a full set of medical parameters with simultaneous real-time voice and video in an easy to use system that enables confident remote diagnosis – even a year after training.

Tempus IC transmits vital signs routinely measured in an ER. By providing near instant access to high quality medical support via your chosen response center, you can get the best remote diagnosis and treatment support available even in-flight or at sea and you will know quickly what should be done to manage the situation.

Tempus technology has been helping save lives and used to manage medical incidents efficiently and safely for over 8 years. It eliminates guesswork, reduces room for error, operates discretely and helps everyone keep control, relieving stress in a difficult situation.

RDT’s customers include leading airlines, Fortune 500 companies, private individuals, heads of state, luxury yachts, commercial shipping and the military, all of whom are getting the best remote medical care and reducing the risks associated with misdiagnosis and the inconvenience and costs of unnecessary medical evacuations and diversions.

Ease of Use is Key

Tempus IC is a vital signs monitor with the same capabilites as those used by doctors and other medical professionals, but designed for a non-medical expert to use on an intermittent basis. You need to be confident that your staff can use the system even a year or more after training (4-hour course).

RDT has proven the system meets this demanding requirement in numerous blind user trials and extensive operational useage.  A typical comment from users is “as soon as I saw the helpscreens, it all came back to me”.

This simplification is achieved through the integration of over 50 ease of use features, including full colour step by step iAssist instructions for every activity, context sensitive help and colour coding of all key functions.

Additionally, RDT’s unique RapidPak technology ensures the system is always ready for use.

Key features include:

1. Unique iAssist help screens are critical for non-medical and intermittent users.

2. Market leading levels of robustness, sand and water resistance enable high portability.

3. Daylight readable, impact resistant screen supports use in bright or adverse conditions.

4. Small, lightweight and easy to carry so it’s ideal to take with you wherever you go.

5. Six hour battery life with intelligent battery management keeps Tempus IC ready for use.

6. Integral camera with backlight for still and moving video, helps maximize your provider’s effectiveness.

7. Wired and wireless headset options enable a continuous voice link.

8. RapidPak clip enables fast deployment of key vital signs parameters.

9. Integrated wired and wireless communications enable simultaneous voice, video and data transmission over all types of links.

Medical Parameters and Functions

The Tempus system includes the following medical parameters and communication capabilities that ensure near instant access to high quality medical support you trust.

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood oxygen (SpO²)
  • Pulse rate
  • 12-lead electrogardiogram
  • ETCO² (capnography)
  • Respiration rate
  • Tympanic temperature
  • Blood sugar (glucometry)
  • Integral digital camera for both still pictures and real-time video streaming
  • Integrate voiced link
  • i2i response center software with analysis tools
  • TempusNet global network operating center
  • TempusWeb, i2i’s web access facility


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