Latest Method to Produce Extraordinary Powerful Drugs

Rhodium Catalyst is worth GOOGLE times the Gold
Researchers at the University of Buffalo Promised a Chemical Catalyst is worth GOOGLE times the Gold.A rhodium-based catalyst of 1 gram can produce 10,000 grams of a pharmaceutical products.The chemical synthesis method can be used to treat various disease for which there are no medicine up to date.
Dirhodium Technologies, LLC in Buffalo has the capacity to use this latest formula to manufacture the small molecule organic compounds which can generate the new drug applications

According to David ,”1 gram rhodium-based catalyst is capable of producing 10 kilograms of a pharmaceutical product”.

Now the Pharmaceutical companies and rest of the world know the value of the medicated Chemical Catalyst.Rhodium metal costs 10 times the price of gold so its precious than Gold.

Through chemical companies pharmaceutical scientists can use in the industry for research and also for commercial purpose.Some companies do that in Clinical trails.

Demand for this catalyst has increased from grams to Kilograms which can be use to treat  cancer to central nervous system disorders, such as depression, to inflammatory and microbial diseases and medications for treating cocaine addiction.

Davies’ collaborations with scientists in partner institutions on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus concludes Without a catalyst, it won’t happen.


The catalyst can produce selectively as single mirror images because opposite mirror images can have different biological effects and may be harmful.

The UB research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, worth of $1.6 million.

The Nature paper was co-authored by James R. Manning, a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry in the UB College of Arts and Sciences.

University at Buffalo (2008, January 28). New Method Enables Design, Production Of Extremely Novel Drugs. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 12, 2010, from­ /releases/2008/01/080123161246.htm

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