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  • Released: Jul 09, 2010
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The draft human genome sequence, announced in 2000 promised great insights into human biology, medicine and evolution. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Nature has repackaged the Human Genome at Ten news special into a free iPad App.

In this special, Nature asks whether the sequence has delivered the insights that were anticipated, and what lessons have been learned from the first post-genome decade. Human genetics in 2010 looks infinitely more complex, and questions about how to make sense of the explosion in biological data are only becoming more pressing.

The Nature Human Genome iPad special edition contains landmark research as well as exclusive video commentary from Nature’s genetics editor, who discusses the past, present and future of genomics. In addition, the App features an interactive graph displaying a timeline of human genome research over the past ten years and includes audio clips from authors discussing their papers.


by crpwest

Engaging and educational. It’s great to see quality stuff like this in the App Store. More, more!
The future of Nature?

by Stephen Caldwell

I would like to see the Nature Publishing Group move toward electronic publishing as it’s main platform. This special edition of the Human Genome at 10 is a good example of what science publishing can be–informative, mobile, slightly interactive and with more cost savings (oddly enough all magazines are put together via computer and sent to publishers in PDF or other formats). Hopefully, NPG will pay attention to the excitement generated by their experiment and offer electronic delivery.
The special edition is highly informative and timely,showing the various scientific views on what the Human Genome project has meant to biology over the last decade, and it’s implications and applications in the coming years.

The biological sciences major in me loves this app :)

by Theresa Azores

Once upon a time, before I got into banking instead of, oh…medical school…I was really into microbiology and genetics back in college. I love this free (!!!) app for reminding me what I loved about my bio classes. Just a couple things, though, that I’d like to see:

1) I’d like to see the app take me to the last thing I read, just as iBooks or similar ereader apps will take you to where you left off in any given ebook

2) I’d like to see the ability to zoom in or out, just as I do when I’m reading stuff on webpages

3) I’d definitely love to see more of this here in the App Store, and for free (!!!) to boot :D

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