PeriPatch Implantable Surgical Tissue starts sale in Europe

PeriPatch™Implantable Surgical Tissue

PeriPatch is a flexible collagen-tissue patch cut from a uniform area of chemically treated bovine or equine pericardium. It is used for cardiac reconstruction and repair, soft tissue repair and general surgical procedures.

The product’s biocompatibility allows optimal incorporation with the host tissue, and no special sutures or needles are required to make a secure seal. Processed with cross linked glutaraldehyde, PeriPatch is safe, durable and resistant to tearing.

Regulatory Clearance

The PeriPatch is cleared for use in the United States, Canada and Mexico. PeriPatch EQ is approved for use in the European Union.

Clinical Benefits

  • Excellent host tissue response
  • Reduction of adhesion formation
  • Non-thrombogenic inner surface
  • Non-carcinogenic and acceptable cytotoxicity
  • Excellent versatility
  • Numerous sizes available
  • Less intra-operative suture line bleeding
  • Superior handling characteristics

PeriPatch™ Biologic Vascular Patch

Peripatch is a high quality bovine pericardium patch used for precision endarterectomy and vascular reconstruction. Using the same tissue technology developed for heart valves, Peripatch is exceptionally strong, uniform and easy to handle and suture.

Peripatch biologic vascular patches are exclusively distributed byLeMaitre® Vascular for endarterectomy and vascular reconstruction in the U.S and European Union and are available in the following sizes: 1cm x 6cm, .8cm x 8cm and 2cm x 9cm.

Please contact LeMaitre for more information: 1.800.628.9470

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