FemVue Air-Saline Injector for Sono HSG to Help Evaluate Fallopian Tubes

The FemVue™ Saline-Air Device is an accessory for use with an intrauterine catheter that when filled allows for the instillation of saline and air in an alternating pattern as contrast media.

A. Priming Procedure

  1. Completely submerge the tip into a bowl filled with saline.
  2. Slowly retract the plunger handle up to 10 cc and maintain plunger position until saline filling is complete.
  3. While the tip is still submerged, depress the plunger handle until bubbles are visible, priming the device.

B. Procedure

  1. Immediately after priming, attach the device to the catheter.
  2. Depress the plunger handle to instill saline and air in an alternating pattern.
  3. Re-fill and prime the device as necessary.
The FDA issued Femasys of Suwanee, Georgia 510(k) clearance for the FemVue Saline-Air Device. FemVue is used to introduce an alternating mixture of air and saline into the uterine cavity as a contrast agent for fluoroscopic hysterosalpingogram (HSG) procedures. Sono HSG is used to asses any potential blockages within fallopian tubes.

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