InvoTek Safe Laser System Uses Light-Sensing Keyboard to Enable Communication

InvoTek has launched the Safe Laser System, a device that uses laser technology to allow people with limited movement to write, communicate, and control their environment. It projects a low-power light-beam onto a light-sensing customizable keyboard. The device can generate a synthetic voice or output keystrokes to a computer. The laser pointer can be worn on the head, the hand, or even on a toe. Explanation of the technology from the product page:

The Safe-laser System is simple from the user’s perspective, but it is a sophisticated device. The large area laser-sensing surface is unique in the world, to the best of our knowledge, and was designed specifically to meet the needs of people with disabilities. It works in a broad range of lighting environments, from darkness to near direct sunlight.

The Safe-laser System uses a thin paper “vellum”, common in the art and drafting industries, for defining key locations and functions. The user (or an aide) uses our Safe-laser Keyboard programming software to define the graphics and the function for each key. Graphics can be simple letters or complex images. Functions consist of defining what is:

- Printed on the on-screen display (letters, words, or combination of words).
- Sent to the computer via a USB port (not required).
- Spoken from the speaker.
- Activated by the built-in universal remote control.

The time that the laser must target a cell in order to activate it (the “dwell” time) is also configurable. Keys can also be defined as a system function like clearing the display or adjusting the volume of the speaker.

The safe-laser pointer has a docking station on the back of the laser-keyboard. Charging the laser-keyboard simultaneously charges the laser pointer. The laser keyboard also has a standard VESA mounting plate on the back, making it easy to mount for use in bed or with in a wheelchair.

The system doesn’t come cheap, with a retail price of $2,200 or $49.95 per month.

InvoTek Safe Laser System

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