Is Salt Actually Healthy?

Since ancient times people have used salt to preserve and flavor their foods.  It was a very valuable commodity, often referred to as “white gold.”  People all over the world add salt to their vegetables, meats, pastas, and even drinks on a daily basis.  For years doctors have advised people to avoid salt since it was believed to cause an increase in blood pressure and an increased risk for heart disease.  Over time salt has earned a very bad reputation, but is this reputation grounded in fact?

A new study has shown that these former medical beliefs are unfounded, and a reduction in dietary salt can actually be harmful.  According to a new European study, participants that had a large amount of salt in their diet were not more likely to get high blood pressure, and were actually much less likely to die of heart disease than those with a low salt intake.  Dr. Jan Staessen of the University of Leuven in Belgium stated that the research “certainly does not support the current recommendation to lower salt intake in the general population.”

“It’s clear that one should be very careful in advocating generalized reduction in sodium intake in the population at large,” Staessen said. “There might be some benefits, but there might also be some adverse effects.”

One of the keys to making salt a beneficial part of your diet is to understand the type of salt you should be consuming. Modern salt is unhealthy for the most part.  However, common table salt has very little in common with the traditional mineral salts that our ancestors would have been consuming.

Mineral salts are healthy because they give your body the variety of mineral ions needed to balance its functions, remain healthy, and heal.  In contrast, common table salt is stripped of all minerals other than sodium and chloride.

Salt is essential to life; you simply can’t live without it.  The real key to enjoying salt in your diet is to know what type to buy.  Avoid buying common table salt, and instead opt for a natural mineral salt.  Try to find things such as Himalayan Salt or Celtic Sea Salt and make them a part of your heart-healthy diet.


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