Christie Medical Innovations Launches VeinViewer Vision OmniMount

Christie Medical Innovations has announced its new VeinViewer Vision OmniMount, which provides a smaller physical footprint and reduced cost for the company’s VeinViewer platform. The VeinViewer technology uses near-infrared light to produce an image of a patient’s veins, and then projects the image directly onto the skin to aid in IV placement.

“VeinViewer has proven to be a truly revolutionary device in the medical industry, significantly impacting vascular access workflow,” said Chris Schnee, general manager at Christie. “Our global customer base asked for a second option of VeinViewer Vision to bring our solution to tight quarters or high-volume patient settings; the answer is OmniMount. Medical practices and hospitals have reported higher patient satisfaction scores and reduced costs as a result of fewer needle sticks.”

The form factor of OmniMount is further reduced compared to the high-mobility cart model of VeinViewer Vision, but it features the same clinically proven vein-viewing capabilities. With OmniMount, customers have the key option of using the semi-permanent mount to position the device on a wall or table. The reduced size and mounting feature will prove to be especially useful in smaller treatment settings such as clinics, physician offices, donation centers and departments that require many patients to visit one location for IV starts and blood draws.

“At Christie, we’ve been listening to what our current customers have been saying, and from that, we’ve concluded that many current and potential customers will find the OmniMount to be very beneficial to their practice or hospital,” said Ben Wagner, senior program manager in charge of product development at Christie. “We have doubled the size of our research and development team over the past year, and OmniMount is the first of many new products using light based technologies Christie will be developing in the near future.”

OmniMount will be reduced in cost; while orders are not currently being taken for the OmniMount, Christie expects to begin selling the device in late summer of this year.

VeinViewer uses harmless near-infrared light and other patented technologies to project a real-time digital image of subcutaneous vasculature directly onto the surface of the skin. The OmniMount produces the same results and uses the same technology as that of the full mobile cart model, VeinViewer Vision.

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