“Rosa” Is A New Stereotactic Neurological Surgery Robot

Thanks to the SurgRob blog, we found out about a new surgical robot that was recently released by Medtech, a company headquartered in Montpellier, France.  The device is intended for needle-based intracranial procedures like biopsies, epilepsy surgeries, and tumor resections, and features “a neurosurgical planning software, navigation and advanced robotic functions, haptic technology and advanced visualization capabilities.”

From the product brochure:

ROSA™ is the first multi-application robotic assistant for neurosurgery offering:
• Intuitive and powerful planning capabilities
• Surgeon oriented ergonomics
• Precise and dexterous instrument guidance
• Haptic collaboration with surgeon.

ROSA™ features cutting-edge proprietary technologies including Free-Hand Navigation®, complex instrument manipulation and the innovative Markerless Automatic Registration®.

ROSA™ assists surgeons in a broad range of indications such as Parkinson and Epilepsy treatments, tumor surgery and endoscopy procedures.
The main benefits of using ROSA™ are:
• Streamlined treatment delivery
• Shorter operating time
• Reduced invasiveness for the patient
• Consistent surgical outcomes

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    I knew that this will definitely be going to happen one day and see thats happened.. I was expecting the same thing from may be one month ago and at last it happened..  Thanks for the share..

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