For orthopedic, traumatology and neurosurgery procedures, a state-of-the-art operating table is critical to surgeons’ success – and the YUNO OTN from MAQUET offers exceptional functionality for all three disciplines.

Developed in line with real-world OR requirements, this mobile table ensures optimum results for all orthopedic, traumatology and neurosurgery interventions. Modular components allow for quick and easy configuration and adjustment, creating more efficient and cost-effective operating rooms. The YUNO OTN also offers surgeons exceptional stability, superior radiotranslucency, and ergonomic design – for precise patient positioning and optimal access to the surgical site.

Rastatt, July 2011. Maquet, the medical engineering and
workflow specialist, presents its latest mobile operating
table: The Yuno OTN. It was specifically developed to
enable all surgical procedures to the upper and lower
parts of the skeleton to be carried out on just a single
operating table and with the very highest degree of
precision. Also for neurosurgeons, this new specialpurpose
table truly is the OR table of choice. With the
Yuno OTN, quality and cost-conscious clinics have an
efficient solution that optimizes ergonomic conditions and
workflows in orthopedics, traumatology and
neurosurgery. Operating theaters can now be put to even
more efficient use thanks to the flexible Yuno OTN.
State-of-the-art technology for specialists supports
ergonomics and workflows
The state-of-the-art Yuno OTN table was developed in
collaboration with surgeons from the specialist fields of

orthopedics, traumatology and neurosurgery. It can be
precisely adjusted for the type of surgery being carried
out. The table meets all requirements of a comfortable
surgical workplace: With an adjustable height range of
600 mm, the table allows the surgeon to work
ergonomically during operations in a seated or standing
position. With its narrow – and yet very stable – column,
the table ensures the excellent accessibility of the
surgical field. The Yuno OTN is also very user- and
patient-friendly when it comes to imaging procedures:
The use of metal-free carbon-fiber structures ensures
excellent radiotranslucence, making intraoperative
repositioning unnecessary in most cases.
Improved treatment options
The stability and modular design of the Yuno OTN
enables the exact positioning of the patient so that
surgeons are able to do their job as safely and effectively
as possible. For the patient this means successful
treatment and a quick recovery.
Best possible flexibility for three medical disciplines

The Yuno OTN has tailored accessories and can be
configured quickly and individually for the surgical
discipline in question. As a result, it enables the best
possible utilization of the OR and surgical team. This
quickly becomes evident in the simple handling of the
mobile OR table: Thanks to its light-weight carbon-fiber
material, it can be easily converted between surgeries by
a single member of the team. A further benefit is the
minimal need for training: With the Yuno OTN, a single
OR table can be used for several different disciplines,
which facilitates staff training. Since the table is intuitive
and safe to use, it contributes to stress-free working
conditions without compromising on performance and
helps to ensure the safety of the patient.
Cost-effective and forward-looking
Equipment that is investment-safe and forward-looking is
a particularly relevant economic factor, particularly for
the field of surgery. With the Yuno OTN, Maquet has
developed a one-of-a-kind operating table that helps
surgical teams to make the best possible use of
resources, implement optimum work processes and
ensure successful treatment. This table sustainably

caters to the needs of three disciplines – orthopedics,
traumatology and neurosurgery.
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The YUNO OTN is a new special-purpose OR table for
three disciplines: orthopedics, traumatology and

As a trusted partner for hospitals and clinicians since
1838, Maquet is a global leader in medical systems that
advance surgical interventions, cardiovascular
procedures and critical care. Maquet develops and
designs innovative products and therapeutic applications
for the operating room, hybrid OR/cath lab, intensive
care unit and patient transport within acute care
hospitals, improving outcomes and quality of life for
Cardiovascular specialties include intra-aortic balloon
counterpulsation (IABC) therapy for cardiac assist;
coronary artery bypass surgery; aortic and peripheral
vascular surgery; and extracorporeal circulation.
The Critical Care portfolio includes market-leading
intensive care ventilators and anesthesia machines.
Maquet also equips Surgical Workplaces with critical
infrastructure such as flexible room design for OR and
ICU; OR tables; lights and ceiling supply units; and OR
integration for image data management.

Maquet is a subsidiary of the publicly listed Swedish
Getinge Group. In 2010, Maquet generated nearly half of
the Group’s annual revenue of 2.3 billion Euros. The
Getinge Group has more than 12,000 employees
worldwide, including around 5,000 Maquet employees in
36 international sales and service organizations, as well
as a network of more than 250 sales representatives. For
more information please visit and
MAQUET – The Gold Standard.

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