OrthoSensor Implantables

OrthoSensor Implantables

OrthoSensor will leverage its existing technology architecture to develop its product line of intelligent implants. With similar embedded sensors, customized circuitry and telemetry systems as those used in OrthoSensor’s Surgical platform, OrthoSensor Implantables will monitor numerous parameters throughout the lifecycle of an implant. These intelligent implants will measure parameters specific to the implant in situ and the surrounding bone, such as relative loading and position, material wear, osteolysis, motion, heat, synovial viscosity, and implant interface changes.

OrthoSensor’s electronics can be integrated into current orthopedic implants and standard instrumentation used today. These intelligent products will enable post-operative, remote monitoring of the implants and improve the ability to measure clinical and economic outcomes. In the long term, intelligent implants can provide early warning signals about joint instability, sensing shifts in load, position, and stability. Armed with this new quantifiable information, physicians can intervene earlier on decisions regarding rehabilitation, surgical intervention, or other treatment to prevent long-term pain or potentially catastrophic events.


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