Single chambered ICD(BIOTRONIK) detects cardiac arrhythmias

BIOTRONIK has launched a new single-chamber implantable cardiac defibrillator and lead system. The Lumax 540 VR-T DX is capable of detecting atrial fibrillation in addition to traditional ventricular rhythm monitoring that other single-chamber ICD’s perform.  This is done thanks to the new Linoxsmart S DX ICD leads that feature a floating atrial dipole (side image) that can sense electrical activity in the atrium.

Like other BIOTRONIK implants, the new device is supported by the company’s HOME MONITORING system that will communicate any adverse events or detected conditions (like AF) straight to the physician.

More details about the new system from the press release:

Signals coming from the atrial chambers of a patient’s heart can now be sensed by the floating atrial dipole of the Linoxsmart S DX ICD lead and are amplified by a modified atrial input stage of the Lumax 540 VR-T DX device. The complementary atrial information ensures accurate sensing capabilities and provides unique protection for single-chamber ICD patients.

Enhanced arrhythmia diagnosis. Unlike standard single-chamber ICDs, the Lumax DX system provides atrial electrograms in addition to the standard ventricular ones. The physician is able to use recordings of a three-channel IEGM, showing atrial, ventricular and far-field signals in high resolution to better determine the origin of the tachycardia and to increase treatment efficiency.

Safe shock reduction. Because standard single-chamber ICDs use only ventricular information and ignore atrial events to make therapy decisions, they may misclassify these as ventricular tachycardias and deliver inappropriate shocks. Lumax 540 VR-T DX can discriminate supraventricular tachycardias (SVTs), atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter with its SMART Detection® algorithm, helping to safely reduce this risk.

Optimized AF management. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®is the world’s most proven and advanced cardiac remote monitoring system, allowing physicians to remotely follow their Lumax 540 VR-T DX patients’ clinical and device statuses at any time from anywhere in the world. In addition to the usual ventricular information of their single-chamber ICD patients, they now have access to complete AF and heart failure (HF) diagnostic data, which significantly improves early detection for reduced risk of stroke.

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