Updates For Resonance Metallic Ureteral Stent System

Cook Medical Updates Resonance® Metallic Ureteral Stent System

July 14, 2011

Bloomington, Ind., July 14, 2011 – Continually striving to enhance patient care, Cook Medical recently announced significant updates to its Resonance Metallic Ureteral Stent System. First launched in 2007, the device now has an updated introducer system that includes a clear sheath for enhanced visualization, as well as ink markings on the delivery system to improve placement of the stent pigtail. The system provides ink markings as a reference to aid in both the first and second pigtail deployment for all stent sizes to ensure accurate placement.

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In 2009, the results of a 13-patient, single-site retrospective analysis showed that the Resonance Metallic Ureteral Stent could remain in patients up to 12 months, generating a 43 percent cost savings in treating benign upper ureteral obstruction. These cost savings resulted from the reduction in stent changes required with the Resonance stent compared to standard plastic stents.¹

The Resonance Metallic Ureteral Stent is introduced coaxially through a clear sheath and removed using standard cystoscopy techniques. The unique coil design allows urine to flow even in instances of extreme compression.

“Cook continues to innovate and raise the bar across a wide range of urological procedures and products,” said Jean-Marc Creissel, global leader of Cook’s Urology business unit. “The updated Resonance Metallic Ureteral Stent System will have a positive impact on physician use as a result of the ease of placement and visualization.”

About Cook Medical
Founded in 1963, Cook Medical pioneered many of the medical devices now commonly used to perform minimally invasive medical procedures throughout the body. Today, the company integrates medical devices, drugs and biologic grafts to enhance patient safety and improve clinical outcomes. Since its inception, Cook has operated as a family-held private corporation. For more information, visit www.cookmedical.com. Follow Cook Medical on Twitter @cookmedicalpr and @CookUro.

¹ López-Huertas HL, Polcari AJ, Acosta-Miranda A, et al. Metallic ureteral stents: a cost-effective method of managing benign upper tract obstruction. J Endourol. 2010;24(3):483-485.

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