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Basal Thermometer Vs Normal Thermometer

Basal Thermometer Vs Normal Thermometer

Chart your Basal Temperature with a Digital Thermometer

A Basal thermometer is an ultra sensitive thermometer that measures even the smallest change in your body (basal) temperature.

Basal Temperature is the normal body temperature of a healthy person right after waking in the morning. In women the basal temperature normally rises just after ovulation because of hormonal changes.

You can use a Basal Thermometer to measure this small increase in temperature near the middle of the menstrual cycle to help tell you when ovulation has occurred.

There are different types of Basal Thermometer, but the best have a digital display, so they are very easy to use and read. A Basal thermometer will often come with a blank Basal Temperature chart for you to record and chart chages in your Basal temperature.

What is the difference between a basal thermometer and a normal thermometer?
  • A normal Thermometer will measure in degrees Farenheit (or Celsuis), and normally measure in two-tenth incriments, A Basal Thermometer will meausure in 10ths of a degree (for Farenheit).
  • A Basal Thermometer is more accurate, and more reliable than normal glass thermometers.
  • Digital Basal Thermometers are much easier to read than glass ones.
  • A Basal Thermometer is quicker too, they normally only take 30-60 seconds to take a reading
  • A Digital Basal Thermometer will also remember the temperature for you so you can chart it later.

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