FDA Clears Hologic’s Specimen Radiography System

Hologic has received FDA clearance for its Trident specimen radiography system. The mobile radiography system is designed to be used in the OR or biopsy suite, to perform imaging on breast specimens from surgeries or biopsies. Often, these radiographs are acquired on the regular mammography system, however the Trident brings the imaging system right next to the patient, saving valuable tim

From the press release:

The new system is self-contained and eliminates the need for samples to be taken to the radiology department for X-ray imaging. Performing the verification in the same room as or within close proximity from the procedure improves workflow, thus reducing procedure time for the patient. The Trident system’s selenium-based detector, with its 12 cm x 14 cm active imaging area, provides high quality imaging for the majority of breast specimens. The system’s intuitive, user-friendly interface facilitates seamless workflow without the need for extensive training or experience. For even greater efficiency, the system offers one-button Automatic Exposure Control and one button export to PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) or to the Hologic SecurView diagnostic workstation

Trident Specimen Radiography System

The Trident specimen radiography system revolutionizes tissue imaging, such as breast specimens, by incorporating a micro-focused tube, unique specimen image processing algorithms and amorphous selenium direct digital detector. The result is sharp, high quality images for rapid specimen verification.

Designed to maximize workflow efficiencies, Trident is intuitive for non-technical operators. It features one-touch x-ray control with Automatic Exposure Control (AEC), lighted specimen x-ray chamber, large active imaging area and easy-to-use software with a simple, yet robust tool set.

Trident enables quick communication and decision making with its one button image export to the SecurView DX diagnostic workstation, PACS and other preferred output devices; or to a printer for hardcopy review.

Discover the Benefits of Trident

  • Superb image quality for rapid verification with maximum confidence
  • One-touch x-ray control with AEC for fast image acquisition
  • Large, 12 cm x 14 cm active imaging area; accommodates a wide range of surgical specimens and core biopsy samples
  • Innovative Enhanced Visualization tool with five levels of image optimization for added sharpness and lesion conspicuity
  • Fully integrated, maneuverable and ergonomic workstation
  • User-friendly operator interface with minimal procedure steps to streamline workflow
  • Ideal for radiologists, breast surgeons and pathologists

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