Medical App to Treat Presbyopia a Non-Invasive Software Solution

Learn how you can remove your reading glasses in just 15 min training per day! This Medical app will cost about $95 and will become available early next year.

As people age, the lens loses its focusing power resulting in near vision deterioration. Unable to focus the way we used to, images sent to be processed in the brains’ visual cortex are unfocused and processing is slow and very difficult, resulting in a blurred image. This unavoidable deterioration of the eyes as we age can be compensated by boosting the speed and quality of image processing in the brain. Using advance, non-invasive methodologies researched over the last 15 years and successfully tested in numerous clinical trials, GlassesOff™ can help you achieve over 80% improvement in vision acuity!

GlassesOff™ is a non-invasive software solution that boosts the brain’s visual cortex performance. By boosting the brains image processing speed and contrast sensitivity, among others, users compensate for the biological deterioration of the eyes, thereby achieving an average improvement of 80% in visual acuity. This unique learning methodology by means of perceptual tasks encompasses parts of the learning process that are independent from conscious forms of learning and involve structural and/or functional changes in the visual cortex of the brain.

How it works?

Similar to computers binary code, everything captured by the human eye is translated into the equivalent of “0” and “1” by the vision system. Those “0” and “1” are translated into visual images such as Gabor patches that vary by their spatial frequency, contrast and spatial orientation and are best for stimulating the neurons in the early visual cortex of the brain. GlassesOff™ product enhances the visual system’s image processing capabilities by using the optimal Gabor patches to stimulate the visual cortex. GlassesOff™ treatment significantly boosts the speed and quality of image processing in the brain.

How long does the treatment take?

Just like any other product treating a medical condition, GlassesOff™ treatment duration and impact is affected by users’ initial presbyopic state and visual cortex learning capabilities. Our personalized treatments adjust itself on an ongoing basis to the user’s condition and progress to assure maximal improvement in minimal time. Still, on average, users that train3 times per week (each training session lasts around 15 min), complete the treatment within 3 months. Once eliminating the need for reading glasses, we recommend users to implement our maintenance training protocol, which only requires 2-3 treatment session per month.

How do I know if I fit the program?

Presbyopia (“Aging Eye”) affects most people over the age of 40 and nearly everyone by the age of 51. People suffering from Presbyopia usually experience some of the following symptoms: 1) blurred near-vision, 2) tired eyes or 3) headaches. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you are advised to use GlassesOff™ treatment to correct your existing Presbyopia and prevent the expected natural deterioration. Furthermore, if you do not yet experience these symptoms but reaching the age of 40, you can use GlassesOff™ as a preventive treatment, precluding the expected Presbyopia from affecting your life.
Finally, before you start the training, we will provide you with a short online eye examination, which will determine whether the GlassesOff™ treatment will fit you.

What are the requirements?

GlassesOff™ product does not require any special equipment or special medical examinations. The product can run on most devices that use a display, to include: smart mobile phones (e.g. iPhone), PCs & tablet computes or even interactive TV. Furthermore, you are not required to go through any ophthalmologic examination prior to using the product.

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