How Can You Reduce Stress,Boost Memory through MyBrainSolutions?

MyBrainSolutions Works

What is MyBrainSolutions?

MyBrainSolutions is an interactive brain training site which brings together a brief objective brain assessment, games, videos and trackers designed to:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Boost your memory and attention
  • Maximize your positivity

How Can You Change through MyBrainSolutions?

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You can change your brain through MyBrainSolutions. Watch this video.

Know your brain

Understand the science behind how your brain works and gain insight into how you can realistically change your brain to optimize yourself. A 30-minute objective brain assessment will provide you with scores in your four key areas of brain performance – Emotion, Thinking, Feeling and Self Regulation. Gain insight into how this may impact your relationships, communication, learning, work, how you deal with stress, and your quality of life.

Train Your Brain

Based on your Brain Profile, MyBrainSolutions matches you to Brain Exercises (games) that are most likely to benefit you. Regularly exercising your brain in Emotion, Thinking, Feeling & Self Regulation will help you form new automatic habits that allow you to perform better in your real world activities. Interactive videos will also help you learn more about your brain, how to improve your personal brain performance, and how to improve your interactions with others.

Optimize Yourself

By measuring, knowing and training your own brain, you become the expert on YOU – your own brain coach. A personal dashboard will help you track your successes and positive changes as you optimize yourself. “Brain Points” will help you monitor your training. Goal setting tools will help you set and track long-term goals and all the positive actions (daily habits) that help support your goals. In addition, you can complete another brain assessment to objectively monitor the extent of your optimization.

Why is MyBrainSolutions different?


MyBrainSolutions is the only site that uses an objective personal brain assessment to measure the 4 key areas of brain performance (Emotion, Thinking, Feeling & Self Regulation) and matches you to brain exercises that are best for you to train with. Insights (videos) and personal trackers also provide you with the knowledge and framework needed to make positive changes in your life. This is all based on the latest insights about what the brain needs to change and improve performance.


MyBrainSolutions is powered by Brain Resource, a company that specializes in brain health and has established the world’s largest database of human brain performance. Brain Resource’s vast knowledge base ensures you get the most accurate scores for your brain, and you can be sure that your training recommendations are based on scientifically validated brain health insights.


Members train with a set of solutions that are recommended to match your specific needs, based on an objective assessment of your brain. Read More about the science.


Training is made easy. Online. Self-paced. Private. A single training session can be completed in as little as 10 minutes/day. We recommend training a few times each week.

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