AV-2000B3 Ventilator


The AV-2000B3 Ventilator is a model of multi-purpose life-support machine. This machine uses the air operated electric control, the microcomputer technology. Selects imports the primary device to guarantee the equipment movement stably reliable. Colored (TFT) the screen demonstrates each kind of examination and the establishment parameter, which is a section of ideal breath treatment plant. It is suitable in all levels of hospitals inside and outside, woman, son, first aid, ICU and so on for the administrative offices equipments Main technical parameters

■Display mode 10.4-inch high clear color display

■Ventilation mode IPPV(intermittent positive pressure ventilation) SIPPV(synchronized intermittent positive pressure ventilation) IMV(intermittent mandatory ventilation) SIMV(synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation) PCV(pressure control ventilation) PEEP/CPAP(Expiration end positive pressure/continuous positive airway pressure) SIGH

■Ventilation parameters Tidal volume 50~1500ml Frequency 4~80/min Inspiratory time/expiratory time ratio 4:1~1:4 SIMV Frequency 1~8/min Trigger sensitivity -0.1~-1.0KPa PEEP 0.1~1.0KPa Pressure control 1~6KPa Inspiratory pause 10~50% inspiratory time Sigh control breathing in a deep breath every 10~120 times/min. Inspiratory time is 1.5 times to the settings.

■Ventilation monitoring Tidal volume、Ventilation capacity、IPPV frequency、Breathing frequency、Inspiratory ime/expiratory time ratio、Peak &#118alue of airway pressure、Pressure-time wave、Flow rate-time wave、Breathing frequency、End-expiratory positive pressure、 Inspiratory trigger pressure(Inspiratory trigger pressure、Inspiratory pause)

■(Oxygen concentration monitor 21%~100% )

■Safety alarm systems Airway pressure alarm Upper limit setting range 0~6.0KPa Low limit setting range 0~5.0KPa Tidal volume Upper limit setting range 0~2000ml Low limit setting range 0~1800ml Oxygen concentration alarm Upper limit setting range 21%~100% Low limit setting range 0%~80% Asphyxia alarm The machine will give sound and light alarm if there is no tidal volume in15s Power failure alarm ■Power AC 220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz UPS、 Battery (choose and match)


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