MJ-560B2 Anesthesia Machine


[caption id="attachment_3081" align="aligncenter" width="416" caption="MJ-560B2 anesthesia machine"]MJ-560B2 anesthesia machine[/caption]

MJ-560B2 anesthesia machine’s design is union the modern advanced technology and with its strong practicality, which is a machine of excellent performance and fully functional. The remarkable performance, the preferential benefit price, constitutes the best performance-to-price ratio, causes the user to obtain the over &#118alue to enjoy.
■ This machine uses in respiratory control , respiratory intensive care , 5.1-inch high clear display, and real-time reflection respiratory system condition;
■The high-precision evaporator has the stable output concentration with pressure, temperature, and flow automatic compensation; Choose one among Enflurane, isoflurane and sevoflurane for a matching.
■Reliable gas Power transmission system;
■ Reasonable economic and multiple technology configuration, the user s may choose flexibly;
■ modular product design According to customer’s needs upgrade. Main technical parameters Part of Anesthesia Machine
■Console High-strength engineering plastic rack, light, beautiful and corrosion resistance
■scope Adults, Children
■Gas source oxygen、nitrous oxide:0.3~0.5MPa
■flow meter oxygen: 0.1~10L/min nitrous oxide: o.1~10L/min
■oxygen、nitrous oxide linkage and nitrous oxide Truncation device When use nitrous oxide, oxygen concentration>25%; when the oxygen pressure<0.2Kpa, the flow of nitrous oxide would be cut off.
■Rapid oxygen flow 35~75L/min
■Vaporizer It has the function of pressure, temperature, and flow automatic compensation. The regulation range of evaporator concentration is 0~5vol%. Choose one among Enflurane, isoflurane and sevoflurane for a matching according to the demands of customer.
■Low oxygen pressure alarm It will be alarmed when the oxygen pressure < 0.2MPa
■respiratory circuit Work mode all close. semi-close. semi-open Pressure release 1~4KPa
■Bellows breathing Adults and children bellows Tidal volume range:0~1500ml Part of Ventilator
■Display mode 5.1-inch high clear display,
■Ventilation mode IPPV SIPPV Artificial monitoring MANU(monitor the tidal volume. ventilation. respiratory rate. ratio. peak pressure when use hand.)PLVPEEP
■Ventilation parameters Tidal volume 50~1500ml Frequency 6~60/min breath /expiratory ratio 2:1~1:4 Trigger sensitivity -1.0~-0.2Kpa PEEP 0.2~1.0Kpa Pressure Control 1~6.0Kpa
■Ventilation monitoring parameters tidal volume. ventilation. IPPV ratio. total respiratory rate. breath /expiratory ratio. peak pressure . pressure control. airway pressure wave. breath pressure trigger. PEEP. minimum pressure .
■Monitoring oxygen concentration 21%~100%(choose and match)
■Security Alert System Oxygen Concentration alarm upper limit setting range 50%-100% (choose and match) low limit setting range 15%-50% Airway pressure alarm upper limit setting range 1.5~6.0Kpa low limit setting range 0.2~3.0Kpa Alarm minute ventilation upper limit setting range 2~30L/min low limit setting range 1~12L/min Asphyxia alarm The machine will give sound and light alarm if there is no tidal volume input in 15s Power failure alarm
■ Power AC 220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz UPS. Battery. (choose and match)

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