Zeo Launches Mobile Sleep System

Sleep tracking company Zeo has announced today that they’ll soon be selling a mobile version of their product, compatible with both iOS and Android.  The company previously only offered what amounted to a base-station clock with a sleep monitoring  headband. Together they tracked your sleep patterns, including Light, Deep, and REM, but in the process the data got a bit trapped in their clock. To upload sleep data to the web for easier analysis, users had to pull an SD card out of the clock, plug it to a computer, and complete the upload. This step presented a pretty high barrier to learning about your personal sleep.Sleep Tracking

The mobile version solves this by eliminating the intermediary to your sleep metrics. By porting the data directly to your phone, users will be able to see richer charts and easier to understand summary metrics on how well they are sleeping, as well as have access to the full suite of Zeo’s “Sleep Management” tools.

 With 64 million Americans facing sleep issues every night and an
additional 49 million Americans experiencing problems at least a few
nights a week,(1) the need for a good night's sleep as part of optimum
health and wellness has become almost epidemic. The new Zeo Sleep Manager
is the only consumer system that tracks all sleep phases and offers
science-based solutions to everyday sleep issues that affect health,
aging, mental acuity, energy level, stress level and physical performance.

    Zeo CTO and Co-Founder Ben Rubin speaks to the complete health triad of
exercise, diet and sleep as keys to overall wellness. "For too long, a
good night's sleep has been the missing link to optimum health for
millions of people. Zeo's new mobile sleep management system uses
smartphones to show consumers how they really sleep, wherever they go,
and then illustrates how to take control of and harness sleep's awesome
and restorative power."

    Zeo Sleep Manager is the only consumer sleep tracking system with
scientifically-proven accuracy that measures actual sleep phases,
including Light, Deep and REM sleep, providing a complete and accurate
picture of users' sleep. Zeo uses a comfortable and highly accurate
wireless headband equipped with SoftWave(TM) sensor technology to track
these sleep phases and provide a nightly ZQ score, a customized sleep
quality score. The new Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile system sends sleep data
directly to users' smartphones, which then sync automatically to their
online Zeo accounts, so they can easily access online analytical tools
and customized expert guidance to help them improve their sleep.

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