BitGym’s FitFreeway Turns Your Workout Into a Video Game

BitGym’s FitFreeway Turns Your Workout Into a Video Game


Lose weight and get fit playing video games. Really! The key is finding exercise you enjoy – and that’s Fit Freeway.

“* I’ve just spent an hour on the elliptical and didn’t even notice it because I was so hooked up on the game! If this isn’t app of the year, I don’t know what will.” – Miguerivera

Fit Freeway is a classic arcade racer you play on your exercise bike or elliptical! Exercise faster to accelerate your car and just lean left or right to steer!

BitGym’s unique motion capture technology lets you play while you exercise. It reads your exercise speed by using your device’s accelerometer to read the vibrations in the exercise bike or elliptical. These vibrations are analyzed and converted into your exercise cadence. It reads your head position by using the front facing camera to do advanced head tracking – the closest you’ll get to Kinect on a mobile platform!


* 8 unique stages to race through

* 3 play modes

* 3 difficulty levels

* iPod music support

The objective of the game is complete each timed stage before time runs out. But with other cars, buses and trucks in the road, it won’t be easy!

Gameplay trailer:

“I just tried it on a elliptical and a bike and this is the most fun I have ever had at the gym!” – Jaime, Beta-Tester

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Race while working out: You can play Fit Freeway while exercising on a cardio machine

Fast-paced and fun: Fit Freeway is a retro arcade-style racing game which keeps you working to make each checkpoint.

No special hardware: Like all BitGym apps, you don’t need to buy any extra hardware to play Fit Freeway. Just drop your iPad or iPhone on any exercise bike or elliptical machine and you’re ready to play!

It’s the middle of January, which means that 87.5983% of those who made a New Year’s resolution to become more physically fit have already broken it (not scientifically verified). If you’re one of those in danger of reverting to your former sedentary ways, read on, because a new game for iOS may be your answer.

girl on bike explanation BitGyms FitFreeway Turns Your Workout Into a Video GameIt’s called FitFreeway, and it’s the first game from software developer BitGym. FitFreeway (and BitGym’s other upcoming games) work in conjunction with your standard cardio machines without the need for any special hardware. When you work out, BitGym knows how fast you are exercising by reading the vibrations produced by your movements and the cardio machines. The iPad or iPhone’s accelerometer picks up these vibrations and translates them into game actions. In FitFreeway, the faster you bike/run, the faster your race car moves. The game also uses the device’s front-facing camera; steering the car is simply a matter of tilting your head to the left or right.

It may sound like just another novel iOS game, but BitGym is also part of the inaugural class of health startup incubator Rock Health. It’s also developed an SDK so other developers can create games that are not only fun, but promote a healthy lifestyle.

Take a look at the FitFreeway promo:

FitFreeway is available in the iTunes App Store right now for $2.99, but they also have a ‘lite’ version, so try it out and tell us what you think!

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