Carestream Introduces New Dental Intraoral Camera

Carestream Introduces New Dental Intraoral Camera

The compact CS 1200 intraoral camera delivers the highest image quality in its class – at a surprisingly affordable price. Designed with usability in mind, the camera makes sharing images between operatories easier than ever. Plus, with the ability to store up to 300 images in the camera, the CS 1200 eliminates the need for placing a computer in every operatory to further maximize your return on investment.

Highest Quality Images

With best-in-class image quality, the CS 1200 delivers the highest image resolution (1024 x 768) in the industry, providing a clear, precise view of patients’ teeth, anatomical structures, and mouth. Meanwhile, advanced optics help you and your patients quickly and easily view even the smallest details such as cracks, caries, and other anomalies.

Carestream Health, Inc., introduced the new CS 1200 intraoral camera with an image resolution of 1024 x 768, a video resolution of 640 x 480 and a focus range of 3mm-25mm. This device can provide clear views of all anatomical structures in your patient’s mouth. Small details like cracks and caries can be made visible to you and your patients in real time. A one-click image capture button makes it easy to acquire high-quality stills and videos. Up to 300 images can be stored on the device itself and connections to a computer or analog displays can be made with USB, AV, and S-video. Lighting conditions are regulated by 6 white LED lights that automatically adjust to offer a clear uniformly lit image.

Other more advanced versions of intraoral cameras from Carestream are also available, they include the CS 1500 and CS 1600. The CS 1500 camera is available in both a wired and wireless version and designed for mobility. True autofocus and an intuitive camera lighting system consisting of 8 LEDs make sure no manual adjustments need to made.

The CS 1600 is equipped with the “Fluorescence Imaging with Reflectance Enhancement” (FIRE) technology. Under violet-blue illumination, teeth naturally emit yellow-green fluorescence. This emitted fluorescence decreases in demineralized tooth regions. The FIRE technology can determine the degree of fluorescence loss of suspected lesions.

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