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myoscience is a privately held commercial company with product approved in Europe and Canada. We are dedicated to developing innovative treatments in whichever field we choose to enter.

With a long history of adapting novel cryotherapy solutions to meet new unmet needs, myoscience has been refining its revolutionary treatment into a simple and elegant device that uses active cooling for a variety of indications meant to be administered by a physician, since 2005.

The myoscience device is approved for temporary wrinkle reduction in Europe and Canada.

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myoscience’s patented technology precisely delivers cold to targeted nerves. The cold induces a hibernating state resulting in a temporary interruption of nerve signaling to sensory receptors or muscle tissue. The device uses the power of cold to achieve an immediate result with nothing left behind in the patient. The myoscience device received CE approval and a medical device license from Health Canada in 2011.

The hand-held device is intended for use in the physician’s office and represents a breakthrough advance in the treatment of pain. The myoscience technology can address multiple indications in a targeted treatment with no systemic side effects or addictive potential.

“FDA clearance for our device in the US provides myoscience with a platform technology on which to grow our company by addressing further indications and an expanding geography,” said Clint Carnell, Chief Executive Officer of myoscience.

Established principles of cryotherapy have demonstrated that it can be used to cool tissue until it begins to hibernate. When that happens, the muscles relax and so do the wrinkles, according to our clinical data. Our own preliminary results in a clinical study show a reduction in wrinkle severity in the majority of subjects immediately post treatment.

About myoscience

Silicon Valley, California-based myoscience is a privately-held medical device company committed to making its platform technology, Focused Cold Therapy(TM), the pre-eminent treatment for nerves. Focused Cold Therapy is currently approved in Europe and Canada for temporary wrinkle reduction, temporary pain reduction and treatment of dermatologic conditions. The myoscience technology has also been cleared in the United States for use in pain management and general surgical use. For more information, please visit .

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Method of Action

myoscience has developed a handheld portable device to actively cool target tissue.

This patented cooling technology is fully integrated into a handheld device consisting of a reusable hand-piece and single use patient tips and cartridges.

During a treatment, the cold liquid flows under high pressure into the tip where it undergoes a phase transition from liquid to a gas. This hypothermic reaction draws heat from tissues surrounding the tip and within seconds, the target tissue is cooled to the desired temperature. The cold liquid used to cool the tissue remains within the closed tip and nothing is left behind. Sensors monitor the rate of cooling during a treatment to ensure a consistent and repeatable treatment.


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