DRive from Quantum Medical Imaging Turns Old X-Rays Digital

DRive from Quantum Medical Imaging Turns Old X-Rays Digital

Quantum Medical Imaging (Ronkonkoma, NY) released the DRive digital radiography system that’s built to upgrade an aging analog X-ray.

DRive DR detectors DRive from Quantum Medical Imaging Turns Old X Rays DigitalIt comes with a 14? x 17? tethered detector and/or a 17? x 17? fixed flat panel detector, and a workstation featuring a 24 inch screen and a terabyte RAID hard drive to store the images.

DRive is a digital imaging DR Hardware & Software solution designed for General Radiography of anatomy. It is intended to replace film/screen systems or CR screen based radiographic systems in all general purpose diagnostic procedures. It is not to be used for Mammography and/or Fluoroscopy.

“DRive” is a fully featured, very economically priced, DR upgrade offering. Offering a 17”x17” fixed panel and 14”x17” tethered panel solution as well as a dual detector offering (fixed, tethered, or a combination of both), with your choice of Cesium Iodide or Gadolinium Oxysulfide (140 micron) detectors. Image capture and preview is less than 3 seconds. The system will come pre-staged from Quantum Medical Imaging, with a 24” high resolution widescreen monitor and a robust 1TB RAID 1 hard drive, capable of archiving over 100,000 images. “DRive” is compatible with Conventional X-Ray generators making conversion to DR workflow fast, easy, and cost effective.

Mediphan DistanceDoc™ is an interactive telemedicine solution for the capture and remote sharing of DICOM/diagnostic-quality medical images and DICOM images from nearly any medical device that has a video display (VGA or DVI).

DistanceDoc works by connecting to the VGA port on medical equipment such as an ultrasound medical imaging system, EKG, ventilator, ambulance equipment and more. It captures the images (still or moving) that appear on the screen at virtually original quality, and transmits these images securely over a local area network (LAN) or the Internet.

Using DistanceDoc, medical professionals can:

Remotely supervise medical imaging procedures occurring in remote locations such as the office next door, the clinic across town, traveling sports teams, high-risk military zones, and more.

Provide better, more efficient and informative remote consul­ta­tion to emergency rooms and urgent care centers.

Provide effective guidance to remotely located nurse practi­tio­ners and technicians in the field.

Mediphan DistanceDoc™ efficiently captures and shares both still and moving images over broadband Internet connections and without any degradation of quality. Because it is an external device, medical professionals do not need to open their medical equipment to install it, and no software needs to be installed. This protects costly medical imaging equipment and makes the product very simple to setup and use. Most individuals can be up and running with the MedRecorder™ solution quickly, without any assistance from the IT department.

By combining the product with MedRecorder™, medical personnel, clinics, and hospitals can save, organize, and archive diagnostic-quality images for future study.

Mediphan DistanceDoc and MedRecorder are compatible with virtually any ultrasound machine with a video monitor or video output, including the most common ones listed below.

Mediphan DistanceDoc works with:

Acuson ultrasound

Aloka ultrasound

Sonosite ultrasound

Toshiba ultrasound

Philips ultrasound

Siemens ultrasound

Other manufacturers

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