EasyCell Assistant Hematology Cell Image Analyzer

Medica Launches EasyCell Assistant Hematology Cell Image Analyzer

Medica Corporation (Bedford, Mass.) is globally launching the EasyCell assistant cell image analyzer for hematology laboratories. The EasyCell scans blood smears in about five minutes each, and then uses optical pattern recognition software to automatically locate white cells. It pre-classifies them and then presents them for review grouped by cell type on an LCD display.

145322sm1 Medica Launches EasyCell Assistant Hematology Cell Image AnalyzerThe technologist can quickly check suggested classifications of normal cells, then devote more time to reviewing abnormals. According to the company, it typically reduces sample review times by 50% over the manual differentiation process using microscopes while helping the technologist achieve improved efficiency, accuracy, and precision.

The analyzer also presents images of red cells and platelets, enabling red cell morphology and platelet estimates. It has a 30-position carousel for continuous operation, but also a stat slide port permits immediate testing between normal operation. There is also optional remote software available, allowing remote review of files. Medica is now accepting orders for the EasyCell and global shipment will start during the third quarter of 2012.

Source : http://medgadget.com/2012/07/medica-launches-easycell-assistant-hematology-cell-image-analyzer.html

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