iHealth’s 2012 lineup revealed at CES

iHealth’s 2012 lineup revealed at CES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — (Consumer Electronics Show) — iHealth Lab Inc., the pioneering designer and manufacturer of mobile personal healthcare products for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, today unveiled three new additions to its suite of devices: iHealth Smart GlucoMeter, iHealth Wireless Body Fat Scale, and iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

The new Smart GlucoMeter is a breakthrough product giving users who need to regularly monitor blood glucose levels a more portable and effortless system for keeping their blood sugar in check. While the Wireless Body Fat Scale and Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor significantly advances iHealth’s successful first generation Blood Pressure Dock and Digital Scale. Each of these new products further emphasize iHealth’s commitment to delivering easy-to-use devices and apps that make it simple for you to test, track and graph your health.

As with existing iHealth devices, users of these products and their companion mobile apps will be able to take full advantage of the iHealth Cloud Service to instantly back-up and store their results in the cloud.

“These products further exemplify our desire and passion for truly helping people manage personal health while improving their well-being and we greatly look forward to bringing them to market in 2012,” said Adam Lin, GM of iHealth Lab. “iHealth is excited to expand its robust product offering by assisting users to manage chronic and often life-altering health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.”

How They Work

The iHealth Smart GlucoMeter lets users test blood glucose levels and test, graph and share blood glucose results. The system utilizes industry standard test strips and a specially designed iHealth test strip reader that attaches to an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad.

Using the companion iHealth App, users can chart their historical blood glucose readings showing 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day test result averages with colorful, easy-to-read graphics. The App helps automate the management of multiple measurement points in the daily life of a diabetic. They can easily manage their measurement records, create customized measurement plans, and even create medication reminders. Users can also instantaneously share the results with their doctor or loved ones. Finally, the App features a reference FAQ with helpful information about diabetes mellitus.

The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor lets users, for the very first time test, track and share their blood pressure – wirelessly. Using their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, they can connect their iOS device via Bluetooth technology to a comfortable, soft blood pressure cuff.

The companion iHealth App includes an easy-to-use interface with data and graphics that allows users to view their blood pressure numbers, track them over time, and run reports. They can easily access historical data sets, view patterns by date and time of day and create custom graphs and charts as well as instantaneously share the results with their doctor, or loved ones. Additionally, the App contains reference FAQs for helpful information about diabetes mellitus.

The iHealth Wireless Body Fat Scale reads and records vital body composition components such as weight, body fat, and muscle mass directly on an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. A unique design based on human body engineering automates user identification so that multiple users on multiple mobile devices can share a single scale.

With the companion iHealth App, users can track progress and organize records with simple, personalized graph tools. Using the My Plan feature, they can set target goals for weight management. They can also easily share one-time readings or long-term trends with healthcare providers, fitness buddies or friends and family.


Pending FDA approval, these products will be available for purchase in the 2nd half of 2012 at www.ihealth99.com, and national retailers. Pricing has not yet been determined. The companion iHealth apps will be a free download in the iTunes App Store. The companion iHealth App will be available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, or at www.iTunes.com/AppStore.

About iHealth Lab Inc.

iHealth Lab designs and manufactures consumer-friendly, mobile personal healthcare products. The company focuses on delivering easy-to-use products that make it simple for you to test, track, graph, and share your health information regularly. iHealth has developed a suite of personal healthcare devices designed for the iOS mobile platform. Visit www.ihealth99.com for more information.

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iHealth’s 2012 lineup revealed at CES

iHealth produce body monitoring devices that help you stay in tip-top condition and is building out a line of devices for this year that will arrive just as soon as it’s gotten past the hurdle of FDA approval:

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a wireless update to the (wired) Blood Pressure Dock, the armband pushing your vitals over Bluetooth to an app on the device of your choice.

Smart GlucoMeter connects to your iDevice’s 30-pin port and once you’ve installed the free app, you’ll be able to stick smears of blood onto cardboard paddles in order to see how many Mike’n'Ike’s you’ve been snacking on.

Wireless Body Fat Scale will record your weight and measure your body fat to your device (and eternal shame once you’ve polished off all that candy).

There’s no word on pricing, but for reference, last year’s digital scale retailed for $70 and the Blood Press Dock for $100, so we’d expect the followups to linger around those same bands. All of these products will also connect (via their apps) to a new cloud service that the company’s launching to aggregate all that data into a single spreadsheet for the next time you need to negotiate your fee with your HMO.

This week at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas, iHealth Labs announced the iHealth Smart GlucoMeter, a blood glucose system that utilizes your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with an attached dongle to quickly and easily measure your blood glucose levels and keep them in check. Much like Sanofi/AgaMatrix’s iBGStar, the iHealth Smart GlucoMeter consists of a test strip reader that attaches to your iDevice’s dock connector and accepts industry-standard test strips. The companion app can store and chart historical blood glucose readings, show 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day test result averages, and share these results with a physician or loved one.

Also announced at CES were updated versions of iHealth Labs’ wireless blood pressure monitor and body fat scale. The second generation wireless blood pressure monitor now uses Bluetooth technology to transmit to an iOS device. The updated body fat scale has been redesigned “based on human body engineering” to provide users a better experience in reading and recording vital body composition components.

All the announced products will also use iHealth’s iHealth Cloud Service to instantly and securely back-up and store their results in the cloud.

Source : http://www.engadget.com/2012/01/09/ihealth-2012-ces-lineup/

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