Use Your iPhone to Overcome Your Phobias

Use Your iPhone to Overcome Your Phobias

Phobias are the most common psychiatric problems, ranging from fear of flying and heights to needles and spiders. Traditional treatment consists of psychotherapy, specifically exposure to the stimulus with attempts to control the response. Now, a new offering from Self-Study Apps purports a similar approach in the comfort of your own home.

The app goes for $2.99 and has different sections for dealing with dentists, spiders, and flying. We tested “Fear Dentists”, which should appeal to our anti-dentite readers. The app shows a picture of a teddy bear for a few seconds, then it shows a picture of the stimulus, in this case a set of teeth being threatened by a sharp implement, although you can select your own image or take a photo. Next, you use your finger to blur the evil dental picture. Following, the screen flashes between the blurred image and the teddy bear. This repeats several times, then an affirming message is displayed.

The website purports to use a form of neuro-linguistic programming, and has some basic info about different treatments for phobias. Although we can’t say if this app works due to our fearless lack of phobias, and the app and website aren’t the most polished, it is worth a try if you are struggling with a phobia.

Have you tried many endlessly, wasting time and money trying to get rid of your phobia? Does your fear still paralyzes? Are you afraid to face it – due to the fact that most phobia trainings assume contact with the object of fear? Are you tired and exhausted; knowing your life would be so much easier without these thoughts and fears? Have no fear no longer! Imagine, a systematic but friendly and easy process to eliminate your phobia!

You can rid yourself of your fears with an Iphone application! This tools was created by a team of professionals to help you decrease or even exonerate your fear. How? It’s based on the highest quality of knowledge from the field of psychology and psychotherapy:

  • based on NLP, visualisation and mind mapping methods
  • easy to use, friendly, and efficient method to overcome your phobias
  • perfect as an addition to your current therapy
  • recommended by many professionals

The App includes NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), visualization, and mind mapping methods which have shown evidence to be one of the most efficient ways to overcome phobias.Our method trains the brain to not be afraid of images that inflict panic. Instead, the brain will be taught to develop a feeling of safety, calmness, and relaxation connected with the situations that were very frightening before. Imagine two glasses of water- in the first, there is cold water – your fear and phobia – and in the second, hot water – feelings of relaxation. If you systematically pour hot water to the cold one, it will warm up and no longer be uncomfortable. This is how this method works.

If the user follows the easy instructions, they will feel their fear diminishing. This App can be used as an individual tool to help decrease phobias or in addition to current psychotherapy (which is recommended).

Use Your iPhone to Overcome Your Phobias

It’s an easy, friendly, and efficient method to make life more comfortable. To make this tool most effective, there are multiple selection possibilities available for specific needs.

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