Medical Students to Wear 3D Glasses

Medical Students to Wear 3D Glasses

Welcome to BioDigital Systems

BioDigital is dedicated to using state of the art biomedical visualization systems to improve training, communication and the interpretation of medical information. From 3D animation, to virtual training environments, to systems that intuitively store and visualize scientific data, BioDigital’s products and services promise to revolutionize the way we understand medical subjects.

BioDigital has helped a wide range of healthcare clients with their medical visualization and information system needs. Please contact us for more information on our products & services.

Pharmaceutical Industry

BioDigital works with prominent members of the pharmaceutical industry to deliver clear, visual representations of their medical therapies. These visualizations are applied in a range of distribution mediums such as news broadcasts, television commercials, web sites, presentations, press kits, print media and now even mobile for on-demand use by your sales force.

Using our unique development methodology, BioDigital’s digital artists and scientists will work with you to translate complex MOAs into concise, stimulating visuals.

Samples of some of the past work done for pharmaceuticals can be viewed in the animation gallery. Please contact us today for a free quote, consultation or any questions.

Biotech Industry


BioDigital’s expertise in communicating breakthrough science through visualization enables Biotech companies to exhibit novel therapies in radical new ways. The ability to quickly demonstrate the benefits of new discoveries to regulatory agencies, investors, scientists and potential customers is an invaluable asset when bringing new therapies to market.

From research and analysis to modeling the molecular process, BioDigital’s end to end knowledge in biochemistry and digital media will result in an outstanding visual representation of your product.

Please contact us today for a free quote, consultation or any other questions about our products and services.

Medical Device Companies

BioDigital’s use of 3D technology in education and training has resulted in unparalleled new insight into the workings of medical devices within the human body. Device companies can now show physicians and patients the benefits of their device with unprecedented clarity. Utilizing the BioDigital Human Anatomy & Platform, virtual implants, interactive procedures, and custom animation are now available to device companies of any size.

Custom Device Solutions:

Virtual Surgery & Implants

Interactive Haptic Environments

3D Animation

Marketing & Conference Graphics

Procedure Guides

Predictive Outcomes

Please contact us today for a free quote, consultation or any other questions about how BioDigital can help with your medical device visualization needs.

Hospitals & Medical Schools

The demand on hospitals to deliver more complicated treatments in less time, with greater quality, requires revolutionary approaches to information system development and education. Working under the advisement of top physicians and academic centers, BioDigital has created a range of invaluable technology to meet this demand. This need for hospitals to more efficiently communicate information will continue to drive BioDigital’s cutting edge products and services.

Some of the ways BioDigital has helped hospitals improve the quality of their healthcare include:

animation for patient education

simulators for training

information system

multimedia modules

tools for patient consultations

3D reconstruction of diagnostic scans

Please contact us for more information on how BioDigital can work with your institution.

Non-Profit Organizations

3D scientific animation has provided a new powerful way for non-profit organizations to reach the public. Charities, once limited to illustration and text, have found that using visually stunning 3D animations and graphics are incredible effective in communicating their cause. Scientific subjects once too difficult to explain can now be readily understood by the general public.

During galas, on web sites, in conference exhibits, on broadcast television and printed in annual reports are a few of the many ways charities have found value in BioDigital 3D media.

BioDigital is proud to offer discounted services for non-profit organizations. Please contact us today for a free quote, consultation or any other questions.

Exercise Science

With the use of the BioDigital Human musculoskeletal system- motion, injury and orthopedic surgery can finally be visualized for understanding by the general public. From the mechanics of proper movement to sports injury to treatments options, BioDigital’s interactive software and 3D animation will revolutionize the way we understand exercise science.

Showcase: Motion Memory Golf

When Motion Memory Golf needed help explaining the subtle difference in biomechanics between good golfers and great golfers, they worked with BioDigital’s simulation experts. Using the BioDigital Human musculoskeletal models, scientifically accurate visualizations were created to emphasize that small changes in your muscle movement – can lead to big changes in your golf game.


3D animation has quickly become a mainstream component to commercials, movies and television series, but when depicting science BioDigital’s team of biologists, physicians and animators trained specifically in the field of medicine can assure accuracy at speeds and prices unmatched by standard production firms. Over the past decade, the growth of BioDigital’s vast library of 3D assets and biomedical expertise now result in high quality animation for any budget.

Whether it is traveling through the body in a way never before possible or the science behind disease, BioDigital’s visualization services will add a engrossing new dimension to entertainment productions.

Please contact us for a free quote, consultation or any other questions about how BioDigital 3D animation can become a part of your next production.

Legal Exhibits

3D biomedical animations and illustrations can have significant impact in a court of law. These visuals, created from real data or by our scientific experts, can play an influential role in personal injury, medical malpractice or class action cases. Points previously difficult to express, can now be exhibited quickly and clearly while making a last impression on judge and jury.

Whether it’s a reconstruction of diagnostic imaging data, a static 3D graphic, or an animation of a scenario, let BioDigital’s visualization services help you gain an edge during trials.

Please contact us today for a free quote, consultation or any questions about how our visualization services can be used in the court room.

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