Miethke miniNAV Non-Gravity Assisted Differential Pressure Hydrocephalus Shunt

Miethke miniNAV Non-Gravity Assisted Differential Pressure Hydrocephalus Shunt


The MIETHKE miniNAV was developed as a more compact valve that demonstrates improved performance in terms of obstruction-related problems and resistance against subcutaneous pressure.

With its special design it is the ideal valve for the treatment of pediatric hydrocephalus, especially in premature and newborn infants. Another field of application is hydrocephalus in recumbent patients.

The MIETHKE miniNAV® is made from titanium, a material that guarantees outstanding precision, reliability and biocompatibility.


Streamlined valve design

Smallest differential pressure valve


Treatment of Hydrocephalus


The MIETHKE miniNAV® is available as a single product or as a shunt system with different components.


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Aesculap, a B. Braun company, is releasing the new Miethke miniNAV (mini Non Assisted Valve) hydrocephalus shunt. This is one of the smaller shunts of its kind, making it especially useful for newborns and preemies with pediatric hydrocephalus.

Additionally, the shunt will also help treating bedridden and inactive patients for whom gravity assisted valves are not useful.

More about the device from the press release announcing it:

The innovative miniNAV valve is the smallest differential pressure valve with reliable drainage control available today. This is achieved by using titanium for the valve housing coupled with proven Miethke ball-in-cove valve components. Titanium retains its strength even when machined very thin. This allows the valve to be made extremely small, with very thin walls, without sacrificing strength or restricting flow.

To manage the variety of complex needs of each patient, miniNAV is available in four pressure levels: 0, 5,10, and 15 cmH2O. It is also fully usable in combination with Aesculap’s gravitational valves. The shunt features a unique zero cm H2O opening pressure choice for use in creating low pressure or anti-reflux systems.

Source : http://www.bbraun.com/cps/rde/xchg/bbraun-com/hs.xsl/products.html?id=00020742770000000215

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