Personal Activity Monitor to Interface with Sprint Phones

Personal Activity Monitor to Interface with Sprint Phones

Sprint is partnering with BodyMedia out of Pittsburgh, PA to provide real-time connectivity between BodyMedia’s personal monitoring wristbands and Sprint’s smartphones. s9zng08u Personal Activity Monitor to Interface with Sprint PhonesSimilar to the popular FitBit, BodyMedia’s wristband tracks activity levels which are then stored and analyzed on your phone.

Through the Sprint ID BodyMedia Pack, users will be able to make use of custom Android applications to see their calorie input vs. output, understand their calorie balance and create personalized workouts based upon caloric activity or step targets. The BodyMedia ID pack will be available during first half of 2011 while the new wireless embedded products will be launched this year.

BodyMedia has announced a personalized feedback system called BodyMedia FIT coach, which makes use of analytics software from IBM to give customized weigh loss advice. This will help people better understand how they progress and help them to accomplish their fitness goals.

The FIT coach will analyze user input, historical and current BodyMedia data to provide personal feedback. The BodyMedia FIT Armbands have already tracked a lot of data of many people up until this moment: using all this information to make a personalized advice can improve the success of consumer’s weight loss plans.

The feedback system is based on IBM Decision Management platform. It makes calculations to assess the users’ current status and compare it to the long-term goals. Down below you can find the key features of the FIT coach.

“The new FIT coach component of the BodyMedia FIT Activity Manager software is the first solution of its kind that can calculate and deliver information on:

Whether users are missing, meeting or beating their targets for burning calories daily

Multiple activity options for making up shortfalls in daily goals for burning calories (e.g. “Hop on the treadmill and walk for about one hour at a speed of four mph and you should hit your goal for burning calories today”)

Nutritional analysis of each day’s eating patterns, along with relevant recommendations for correcting problems such as excess fat intake

Overall progress towards the users’ weight loss goals, along with advice to stay on course”

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