Radiologists Get Software Assistance for Chest X-Ray Analysis

Radiologists Get Software Assistance for Chest X-Ray Analysis

Riverain Medical out of Miamisburg, Ohio just announced that it has received European and Canadian approvals for the company’s two software image analysis products designed to assist radiologists with analyzing chest X-rays. OnGuard is a tool for identifying suspicious instances of early stage tumors in the lungs, while SoftView is a separate package that enhances overall x-ray image clarity.

From the press release:

softview imaging Radiologists Get Software Assistance for Chest X Ray Analysis

Riverain’s OnGuard Chest X-ray CAD works in conjunction with the reading of standard digital chest X-rays to quickly and comprehensively identify solitary pulmonary nodules that may be early-stage lung cancer. In Europe and Canada, lung cancer is the leading cause of death due to cancer. Lung cancer accounts for 20 percent of all cancer deaths in Europe and 27 percent in Canada.(1) When detected in its earliest stages, the survival rate for lung cancer patients more than triples. Unfortunately, few lung cancers are detected at this early stage.(2)

“Throughout the world, lung cancer continues to kill people at an alarming rate as patients often go undiagnosed with the disease until it has progressed to an advanced stage,” said Diane Hirakawa, Chairman and CEO of Riverain

Medical. “Riverain is excited to provide the clinical community and patients in Europe and Canada with the OnGuard technology, allowing radiologists across the globe to better detect lung cancer at an earlier stage.”

Riverain’s SoftView technology creates an enhanced soft tissue image of the chest by suppressing bone on a standard chest X-ray. SoftView increases image clarity to help radiologists better detect and diagnose medical conditions such as pulmonary nodules, pneumothoraces and improperly placed lines and tubes.

A Clear Difference

Temporal Comparison software is an image registration and enhancement technology that accentuates changes between patient X-ray images taken at different times by forming a difference image between the current and prior chest X-ray. Riverain’s Temporal Comparison Technology automatically processes the current and prior images to provide immediate display of the temporal comparison image within the existing patient file on any existing PACS viewer.

Radiologists now have a scientifically based and clinically tested tool to perform an analysis that up until this point has been performed by eye.

A clinical trial has shown that Riverain’s Temporal Comparison Technology significantly improves the detection of nodules.*

Current Image for Temporal ComparisonPrior Image for Temporal ComparisonTemporal Comparison Image

Key Advantages

Helps Radiologists identify subtle differences

Improves nodule detection*

Increases accuracy*

No additional radiation dose or patient procedure

Automatically loads image into the patient’s file for instant accessibility

Facilitates comparison of prior and current studies with a scientifically validated approach rather than comparison by eye

Seamless integration with PACS systems

Riverain Technologies has received FDA clearance for its Temporal Comparison software for chest X-rays. The software compares current and previous chest X-rays of the same patient and highlights the differences in order to improve detection of new nodules which may be early lung cancer.

The software uses pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms (including its existing bone suppression algorithms) to normalize each image to make it consistent with a standard format. The lung field is then identified for comparison. The current and prior image are then aligned and processed by subtracting the current image from the prior image. The system integrates seamlessly with the PACS system, saving the resulting difference image as an additional image in the patient’s folder ready for the radiologist’s interpretation.

In a study performed by the company as part of the FDA approval process, on 422 pairs of chest X-rays, 15 radiologists were able to demonstrate an average 12.4 percent improvement in sensitivity for actionable solitary pulmonary nodules using Riverain’s Temporal Comparison software as compared to results based on comparing the X-rays side by side.

In addition to the United States, Temporal Comparison is also available in Canada and Europe. It requires the customer to have purchased Riverain’s bone suppression software SoftView, functioning as an add-on to it. The software can also be used in combination with Riverain’s On-Guard Computer-Aided Detection software to improve early detection of lung disease.

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