Varian Medical Systems Receives FDA Clearance for New Radiotherapy Planning Software

Varian Medical Systems Receives FDA Clearance for New Radiotherapy Planning Software

Varian Medical Systems

Varian Medical Systems focuses energy on saving lives. By partnering with customers and others, the people of Varian develop leading solutions for advancing cancer treatment, radiosurgery, X-ray imaging, and security.


Varian is the world’s leading supplier of radiotherapy products for treating cancer, providing the medical community with advanced technologies that are being used to treat thousands of cancer patients around the world every day. Varian products include linear accelerators and accessories, plus a broad range of interconnected software tools.


X-ray Products business is the world’s largest independent X-ray tube manufacturer. Offering over 400 different types of replacement tubes, the X-ray products business is also home to Varian’s exciting new Amorphous-Silicon Digital Radiography (DR) product line. Also known as flat-panel image receptors, these devices replace film and image intensifiers in many diagnostic imaging applications.

Security and Inspection

Varian Medical Systems Security & Inspection Products is the market leader for the supply of high-energy X-ray devices for cargo security and non-destructive testing applications.

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Varian Medical Systems, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, developed a new radiotherapy planning tool that automates and accelerates the treatment planning process. The smart segmentation knowledge-based contouring tool works with the company’s earlier released Eclipse planning software.The Eclipse treatment planning system includes contouring and field set up, with the added benefit of 4D visualization throughout the process. Eclipse displays the motion of targets and critical structures using specially designed 4D tools. With Smart Segmentation Knowledge Based Contouring, two techniques are combined to make the contouring process as quick and accurate as possible. The ‘Smart Segmentation’ will automatically identify and visually outline organs and other anatomical structures. ‘Knowledge Based Contouring’ will accelerate the process by matching pre-contoured images from a database with those of the patient. mka6ncv9 Varian Medical Systems Receives FDA Clearance for New Radiotherapy Planning SoftwareThe Knowledge Based Contouring tool contains an anatomy atlas that covers all of the areas of the body most commonly treated with radiotherapy.

Jefferson Amacker, director, clinical solutions commented:

In order to create a customized treatment plan, a clinician must take the patient’s anatomical images and identify and outline the tumor and nearby organs in a process called contouring. This is critical when specifying what is to be irradiated or protected during radiotherapy treatments. Traditionally, contouring has been a time-consuming process. Remodeling is generally faster because you have something to work from. Both of these tools give clinicians a head start, so that the contouring task can be more easily and quickly completed.

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