World’s First OLED Medical Monitor


A higher standard in medical imaging with Sony OLED

The PVM-2551MD features Sony’s unique Super Top Emission OLED technology. The 24.5-inch Sony Medical monitor has full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) with 10-bit signal processing for accurate colour management. The monitor incorporates the revolutionary TRIMASTER EL technology. This maximises the performance of professional flat-screen displays. The PVM-2551MD thereby achieves an outstanding image performance, a wide colour scale and an extremely good black level.


The PVM-2551MD is particularly suited for medical applications such as flexible and rigid endoscopy and surgical microscopy. The high resolution, improved contrast (compared to LCD) and exact colour reproduction are intended to help medical personnel to arrive at swifter and more accurate diagnoses. The monitor is housed in a lightweight white casing that is suitable for the requirements of a medical environment.


This product comes with PrimeSupport – fast, hassle-free repairs and a helpline offering expert technical advice. Which gives you the peace of mind that Sony is looking after your equipment, and your business.


Sony OLED panel with full HD and RGB 10-bit driver

The PVM-2551MD Super Top Emission OLED display panel features full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and RBG 10-bit driver to create life-like and smoother-than-ever gradation from dark to bright portions of a scene.

TRIMASTER EL offers highest picture quality

TRIMASTER EL technology is a design architecture that enables the highest level of colour accuracy, precision imaging, and picture-quality consistency. Because the EL (Electro-Luminescence) layer inherently responds to any electrical current input, it emits light immediately. This allows excellent quick response characteristics in fast-motion images.

Superb black performance

Thanks to Sony OLED display technology, all details in the black can be easily seen. It provides superb colour reproduction, especially for dark images. This enables medical professionals to observe very subtle details in each image. For example, the faint colour differences of tissue under low-light conditions such as blood vessels, membrane and fat, are correctly reproduced.

Uniformity of image across screen

The PVM-2551MD monitor incorporates a specially-developed OLED processor to bring out the full performance of the Sony OLED panels. This OLED processor offers superb uniformity across the whole screen.

Medical compliances

The PVM-2551MD is UL 60601-1 listed and complies with CSA 22.2 No.60601 and EN 60601-1 safety regulations. It is therefore suitable for use in professional medical applications.

Variety of scan and display modes

There are various image scan modes – such as Normal/Over scan, Under scan, Full, Zoom and Native – allowing users to select the most suitable scan mode depending on the requirements. Furthermore, the PVM-2551MD provides a variety of display modes including Mirror Image, Side-by-Side, Picture-in-Picture, and Picture-out-Picture, which allow users to optimally view images according to each particular application.

Variety of gamma curve settings

Users can choose from a variety of gamma settings – 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, and DICOM GSFD (Grayscale Standard Display Function) – depending on their requirements.

Noise filter

The PVM-2551MD employs a high-performance noise filter, which reduces effects on the monitor image that typically occur when an electrosurgical knife is used during surgery.

Rich user memory presets

The PVM-2551MD is equipped with 20 memory presets, which allow users to save and load settings such as colour and gamma. This feature means users can instantly select optimum settings for each different application.

Direct input selection

This feature allows users to switch image sources during a procedure simply by pressing input select buttons on the front panel.


Users can activate/deactivate control panel buttons with just one touch. Use of this feature helps prevent inadvertent operation of the control panel in a busy environment. When the menu item KEY-INHIBIT is set to ON, control panel buttons cannot be used – this prevents unauthorised alteration of settings.

Design features for hygiene and safety

The PVM-2551MD is liquids resistant and designed to be easily wiped clean of liquids and gels, ensuring effective hygiene and safety in the medical environment. It also features rounded corners, which is beneficial in a busy and space-limited environment such as an operating room.

Installation-friendly cabling

All the connectors face downwards, allowing for easy and organised cable connection.

VESA-mounting Compatibility

The PVM-2551MD complies with the 100 x 100 mm hole spacing VESA-mounting standard, making it ideal for use with a variety of medical installations.
Variety of Inputs and easy expandability

The PVM-2551MD is equipped with a variety of inputs including Composite, Y/C, RGB/Component, HD15, and DVI-D as standard. Furthermore, two built-in option ports greatly expand the range of input signals this monitor can accept. These ports allow users to easily select and change input/output signals for ultimate flexibility via a variety of available option boards.

Compatible with a variety of input signal formats

The PVM-2551MD supports a variety of video formats from 525i/50 (NTSC) and 625i/60 (PAL) up to 1080p/50 and 1080p/60.* In addition, a variety of computer signal formats are supported in Preset 1, and other computer signal formats are additionally supported in Presets 2-8.

“Already showing tremendous advantages for surgeons in other parts of the world, the new Sony OLED monitor will now enhance surgical viewing in the U.S., and become the ‘must have’ medical display,” said George Santanello, general manager, Sony Medical Systems Division. “A number of Sony’s key technology resellers and integrators have already evaluated the display and noted the significant benefits of OLED versus traditional LCD, so we’re excited about getting the product into operating rooms across the country.”

The majority of surgeons, both in and outside the U.S., who were asked to evaluate Sony’s OLED monitors, reported that they prefer OLED’s advanced technology for its stability of color imaging and high quality contrast. This technology is expected to set a new standard for medical displays, particularly for applications such as endoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, and thoracoscopy, as well as general surgery procedures.

Sony’s OLED technology is already extremely successful in a range of commercial applications such as critical reference monitoring for video production, with more than 10,000 units delivered worldwide. Now the company expects to see the same rapid adoption by the medical industry.

With its much quicker response time than LCD, one of the greatest advantages of the OLED monitor is its ability to display quick motion with virtually no blur. Additionally, the monitor incorporates Sony’s revolutionary TRIMASTER EL technology (EL standing for electroluminescence), enabling it to achieve pure black, faithful to the source signal. By providing superb color reproduction, especially for dark images, surgeons can observe very subtle details such as the faint color difference between various tissues and blood vessels. This ability to achieve true-to-life color reproduction and reduced blur is expected to support quicker, more confident decision making for surgeons which is ultimately best for patients.

Other features and advantages of the OLED monitor include the following:

  • Self-luminous, emitting no black when displaying images and displaying a high level of contrast
  • 10-bit signal processing
  • Extremely slim and light-weight design
  • Reduced power consumption requirements for increased energy efficiency.

The Sony OLED medical-grade monitor, PVM-2551MD, is currently available for sale with pricing available upon request.

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