Want to Attend TEDMED? Here’s Your Chance!

Want to Attend TEDMED? Here’s Your Chance!

TEDMED may be the most exhilarating medical innovation and technology conference on the planet. Anyone who has seen one of the talks – from the fluorescent future of surgery to the art and science of tissue printing – or read Medgadget‘s exciting coverage (we may be slightly biased) has likely dreamed of attending the actual event. Well, thanks to a new program offered by TEDMED, here’s your chance!

TEDMED Front Line scholarship Want to Attend TEDMED? Heres Your Chance! The recently announced TEDMED Front-Line Scholarships Program will award $2 million in financial support to qualified applicants to attend TEDMED 2012 in Washington DC from April 10 – 13. Once you submit your application for either a half- or full-scholarship (to cover the registration fee of $4,950), you can expect to hear back within ten business days.

According to TEDMED, they are looking to award the scholarships to a wide range of individuals, including:

Anyone who is an innovator or leader or on the front lines of medicine, public service or research is eligible. This includes patients and journalists. It also includes experts from non-medical fields who are looking to apply their experience and knowledge to the world of health and medicine.

If that’s too ambiguous, TEDMED also provides this list of potential categories of Delegates they are looking to award the scholarships to:

Nurses and doctors (specialists of all kinds; family medicine and GPs; RNs and LPNs; etc.)

First responders (firefighters, EMTs, ambulance drivers, paramedics, etc., whether paid or volunteer; medical social workers; police; etc.)

Military personnel (military doctors, nurses and medics; U.S. Defense Dept. health program directors and staff; VA medical and support staff; etc.)

Hospital and urgent care staff (non-profit and for-profit hospital administrators, staff, etc.)

Mental health professionals (psychiatrists and psychologists; mental health counselors; mental health clinic directors; clergy with counseling responsibilities and programs; etc.)

Healthcare and fitness providers and therapists (physical therapists; rehab counselors and therapists; occupational therapists; chiropractors; audiologists; speech therapists; dentists and dental personnel; dieticians and nutritionists; home health aides; respiratory therapists; athletic coaches and trainers; industrial hygienists; etc.)

Health-oriented government personnel (federal, state and county health officials; health-related agency and policy directors and staff; public policy experts and analysts; public health administrators; etc.)

Health-related technology experts (computer programmers and Web developers; prosthetics & robotics engineers and developers; clinical technologists; biomedical engineers; etc.)

Patients and supporters (cancer and heart attack survivors; patient counselors; patient advocates; etc.)

Health-oriented educators and students (university, college and professional school administrators and professors; medical students; public policy and health policy students; etc.)

Health-related knowledge workers (academic and industrial medical and scientific researchers; environmental health specialists; health science journalists, editors and publishers; health information specialists; health science librarians; etc.)

Non-profit organization leaders and staff (NGO leaders and personnel; community program directors; philantropic workers and leaders; etc.)

Innovators and leaders of for-profit companies with a strongly healthfocused public service mission (note: the applicant’s job and responsibilities must be directly related to health and medicine)

TEDMED Live 2012 At Over 1800 Locations

Through generous support from the Association of American Medical Colleges, Siemens and the California Endowment, TEDMED was able to reach auditoriums all over the US

Click here to see all TEDMEDLive Locations

Find out how you can bring TEDMED to your institution

Source : http://www.tedmed.com/home

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