DuoFertility Ovulation Monitor Receives FDA Approval

DuoFertility Ovulation Monitor Receives FDA Approval

A UK company called Cambridge Temperature Concepts is offering a refinement to traditional temperature measurements. Their new device, the DuoFertility, reads data from a patch that lives in a woman’s armpit, to explain ovulation patterns.

Currently the device is in a trial period, although the employees of Cambridge Temperature Concepts say it’s been working great on them (though that disclosure raises many more questions than it answers).

And, just as with any prototype, there are gaffes to make even the novice marketer blush, such as this one comparing their device to traditional thermometers:

There is no need to wake up at 6am each morning to take your temperature. You are free to spend the first 5 minutes of your day as you wish!

Five minutes of free time per day? What a great machine!

And, if you’re curious, those strange button symbols along the edges are supposed to help classify the temperature data. The buttons on the left, for instance, signify (from top to bottom) “period starting”, “made love”, “feeling ill” and “sleep disruption” … if you press the buttons in the right sequence you can not only predict fertility, but pretty much describe all your college relationships.

Via Engadget (which took a break from iPhone coverage to bring you this, but only because it has an iPod-style clickwheel)

All the help and support you need to get pregnant – naturally

Is DuoFertility for me?

~ Suitability Tool ~

DuoFertility is a fertility monitoring service with expert support, and a pregnancy rate like IVF at a fraction of the cost. We help you get pregnant naturally, and avoid invasive medical procedures such as in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Simply place the small patch under your arm, connect to the online service every few days, and receive expert help and support every step of the way.

DuoFertility is convenient, totally natural, non-invasive and drug free.

DuoFertility predicts your fertile days, confirms ovulation, and gives you personal expert support.

Every day DuoFertility helps hundreds of couples just like you.

The only product with the reassurance of a pregnancy guarantee :

pregnant in 12 months – or your money back.

At the Future Health Mission 2011 in San Francisco last week, we were offered a chance to check out some of the latest and most promising medtech startups from the United Kingdom, who came for a tour of Silicon Valley.

Here’s one technology that impressed us a lot. DuoFertility is an ovulation pattern temperature monitor from Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd. The DuoFertility technology was profiled by us back in 2008 when it was in prototype stage. Now it is a fully developed device that has an auxiliary temperature monitoring patch and a receptacle that downloads temperature data from the patch and sends it to a service center. The idea is to use the temperature variations of a woman to extrapolate the best day(s) for her to conceive. According to the company’s CEO and founder Dr Shamus Husheer, the device is already selling quite well in emergent markets such as Middle East and Asia, and is on its way to wider use in Europe. And, of course, the company is hoping to obtain US FDA approval sometime in the near future. Here’s Dr Husheer answering our questions about the technology and the future of the company:

More from the product page:

The system is based on a sophisticated version of the body basal temperature (BBT?) measurement method (the small upward shift in basal body temperature which is associated with ovulation). The system identifies when you are most likely to get pregnant, up to six days in advance. This gives you plenty of time to plan intercourse for the best time of the month.

Temperature measurements are made automatically up to 20,000 times per day by the DuoFertility sensor. In addition, personal fertility related data you provide such as menstruation? dates, ovulation pain, etc are also added into the fertility analysis to give you the most accurate predictions possible.

Source : http://www.duofertility.com/

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