HipaaCat Facilitates HIPAA Compliant Communication Amongst Doctors and Nurses

HipaaCat Facilitates HIPAA Compliant Communication Amongst Doctors and Nurses

HipaaCat is a communication system for health care providers to share messages and photos for improved communication and transitions of care in a HIPAA compliant fashion with their mobile devices (Android and iPhone). HipaaCat Chief’s role is to establish a “service” or “team”, and grants “links” with other physicians, residents, students, and nurses to become members of the team. Associated applications are HipaaCat Resident and HipaaCat nurse. HipaaCat Resident has complete access to the information of the service, adding both photos and messages. HIPAA compliant information can be sent directly to one team member, or to all the members of the service. HipaaCat Nurse can send photos and messages to the service, but does not have access to the information from other team members. Information is automatically deleted after two weeks from the mobile devices to enhance PHI (protected health information) security. A strong password is required daily to enable the application.

Deze app heeft toegang tot:

Bedieningselementen hardware

foto’s en video’s maken

Hiermee kan de app foto’s nemen en video’s maken met de camera. De app kan op deze manier op elk gewenst moment beelden verzamelen van wat de camera ziet.


volledige internettoegang

Hiermee kan de app netwerksockets maken.

Most doctors have fully embraced smartphones and other mobile devices, however they are usually more often used for quick reference and personal communication than for practical applications within the hospital. Even just simple email-like communication is rarely routinely used due to security concerns and regulations. In the United States, HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, mandates how sensitive health information is organized, stored, reviewed and distributed. HipaaCat is a new app for Android and iOS that enables secure, encrypted HIPAA complaint communication of text messages and images through mobile devices.

Three versions exist: Chief, Resident and Nurse. The Chief app is for the head of a team and he functions as the administrator of the group. The resident is granted access by the chief, after which he can view and send messages and images. One resident can be a member of multiple teams or different teams over time. The nurse has very limited functionality and is basically only allowed to send information to the team. Messages and images are sent in a similar way to email, and can be sent to a single person or a complete team. Push notifications warn the user when new messages have arrived.

Security and HIPAA compliance is ensured by encryption of all communication between team members. Strong passwords are enforced and need to be entered at least once a day. A HIPAA compliant server is used on the backend of the service. Messages and images older than two weeks are deleted from phone and server. Lost and stolen devices are removed from the service when reported.

There is certainly a lot of potential for an app such as this, especially in specialties such as plastic surgery or dermatology, where an image may tell a lot more than just words, but also for regular and quick communication within teams when email just is not secure enough to include the patient details. The chief and resident apps are available for $4.99, while nurses can download their app for free.

Source : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hipaacat.resident&hl=nl

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