Philips’ ErgoSensor Monitor Tells You to Stop Slouching

Philips’ ErgoSensor Monitor Tells You to Stop Slouching

ErgoSensor for ultimate ergonomics

ErgoSensor for a healthier way of working

Saves up to 80% energy costs

Optimal viewing distance measurement and advice

Time-break reminder

Neck posture detection and corrective advice

Sustainable Eco-design

65% post consumer recycled plastics with TCO Edge

PVC-BFR free housing

Zero power consumption with 0 watt hard switch

Designed for people

SmartErgoBase enables user-friendly ergonomic adjustments

Low bezel-to-table height for maximum reading comfort

Easy to experience

SmartImage presets for easy optimised image settings


ErgoSensor for a healthier way of working

It is Philips firm belief that work should be suited to people, and not the other way around. To promote a healthier and productive workplace, Philips has developed the world’s first innovative technology called “ErgoSensor”, which is embedded in the monitor to sense and measure the user’s behaviour. ErgoSensor advises users on how to sit in an ergonomic position at their computer with a corrective feedback on optimal viewing distance, ergonomic neck angle and a time break advice. It also saves up to 80% energy consumption if user is not present on the seat by powering off the monitor.

SmartImage presets for easy optimised image settings

SmartImage is an exclusive leading edge Philips technology that analyses the content displayed on your screen and optimises your display performance. This user-friendly interface allows you to select various modes, like Office, Photo, Movie, Game, Economy etc., to fit the application in use. Based on the selection, SmartImage dynamically optimises the contrast, colour saturation and sharpness of images and videos for ultimate display performance. The Economy mode option offers you major power savings. All in real time at the touch of a single button!

SmartErgoBase enables user-friendly ergonomic adjustments

The SmartErgoBase is a monitor base that delivers ergonomic display comfort and provides cable management. The user-friendly height, swivel, tilt and rotation angle adjustments of the base allow the monitor to be positioned for maximum comfort to help ease the physical strains of a long workday. In addition, cable management reduces cable clutter and keeps the workspace neat and professional.


TCO Edge

65% post consumer recycled plastics with TCO Edge

TCO Edge certification is given to products that go beyond existing eco-labelling programmes. Over and above standard TCO requirements, it further mandates that the product uses a minimum of 65% post-consumer recycled plastics, is energy efficient, uses minimal hazardous materials, has 100% recyclable packaging and, amongst other requirements, is designed for easy recycling. You can rest assured that this Philips monitor is a cutting edge technology product, which is best in class ICT, benefitting you and the planet while helping you make a responsible green IT purchase!

Zero power consumption with 0 watt hard switch

At the flick of the 0 watt hard switch, which is conveniently located at the back of the monitor, you can completely cut off your monitor from AC power. This results in zero power consumption, reducing your carbon footprint even further

Remember those halcyon days when your mother would chide you to sit up straight should you ever start to slouch? Good news, desk jockeys, because Philips’ ErgoSensor desktop monitor is here to stop your stooping now that mom’s no longer around — and it doesn’t require you to wear some silly plastic pendant or occupy any of your USB real estate. The 24-inch, 250-nit, 1920 x 1080 display has a sensor in its bezel that watches you while you work, and warns you when your posture becomes poor or if you’ve been staring at the screen too long. It also informs users how to set up the monitor for optimal viewing distance and ergonomic position. Plus, it can tell when you’re not around and shut the screen off to conserve power. We don’t know how much money the monitor will cost or even when it’ll be available to fix your poor sitting form, but we do know you can learn everything else about it at the source below.

Improper ergonomics at your workstation can lead to a potential bevy of workplace related injuries, including back and neck pain, eyestrain, and carpal Philips ErgoSensor diagram Philips ErgoSensor Monitor Tells You to Stop Slouchingtunnel syndrome. Realizing that “work should be suited to people, and not the other way around”, Philips has released an interesting new 24? LCD monitor. Besides being an all-around nice display to have at your workstation, the new monitor has a built-in “ErgoSensor” to promote better ergonomics.

Located in the top bezel of the display where a standard webcam would usually be found, the ErgoSensor is able to track the user’s position and distance from the monitor and provide feedback if the person is not in an ergonomically correct position, for example, if someone is sitting too close to the screen or their neck posture is incorrect. When such feedback occurs, the user can reposition him or herself, or can adjust the display using a number of adjustments in the monitor’s “SmartErgoBase”.

The ErgoSensor Monitor also has a built-in time-break reminder feature so you’ll know when to rest your eyes to avoid eyestrain. And you’ll be saving energy too, because the ErgoSensor also detects whether a user is in front of the screen, and will shut down the screen to conserve power when you’re away.

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