The Quantified Heart

The Quantified Heart

Dr. Mark Drangsholt is a long-time self-tracker who also teaches evidence-based medicine at the University of Washington. He has tracked blood pressure and exercise, atrial fibrillation and what triggers it, deep sleep and sex, diet and body fat. In the video below, Mark shares what he learned about his arrhythmia triggers, and how his self-tracking data helped sway his cardiologist to do a less invasive procedure. He also makes a great case that Quantified Self experiments can be more scientifically valid than many of his colleagues would like to admit. (Filmed by the Seattle QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

We have been following the Quantified Self movement closely over the last number of years as a medical/wellness technology related trend that may someday hook into more personalized delivery of healthcare. The movement has been enabled by the wide range of data logging consumer and medical devices and sensors, which allow people to accumulate and analyze data from many aspects of their lives from productivity to sleep patterns.

The team over at the Quantified Self Blog have been a large force in promoting this movement and have just released a great video presentation from a medical self-tracker, Dr. Mark Drangsholt. Mark teaches evidence-based medicine at the University of Washington and talks through a number of self tracking experiments he carried out to get a handle on his heart condition. What is particularly interesting about this talk is how Mark describes the quantified self movement in the context of evidence based medicine and clinical decision making.

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