Ken’s Power Caster Takes Disabled Fishing

Ken’s Power Caster Takes Disabled Fishing

Adaptive Creations

ADAPTIVE CREATIONS LLC is a new company dedicated to producing a line of adaptive equipment that will allow the severely disabled to become active in fun and challenging pursuits, no matter the level of injury. The company’s initial product is Ken’s Power Caster, an innovation that allows for the hands-free casting and retrieval of a fishing line. We are currently working on several spin-off products for playing billiards and flying kites. If there are other pursuits that interest you, and if you need some kind of device to help you achieve your goal, drop us a line. We stand ready to work on building a solution…

Months of nominating and judging culminated on September 22, at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, when it was announced that an international panel of judges representing the technology and disability communities selected the Ken’s Power Caster as winner of the 2011 da Vinci Award for best new Adaptive Equipment/Product in the world for Recreation and Leisure. The da Vinci Awards is a prestigious international forum recognizing the latest developments and research in adaptive and assistive technologies that enable equal access and opportunity for all people, regardless of physical ability. The awards were created by the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society’s Michigan Chapter, and were celebrating their 10th anniversary. Nominations were received from all over the globe in the engineering, construction and technical fields. For more about the da Vinci Awards or to see a complete list of past award winners, go to

Power Caster Key Features

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Easy to Mount – The mounting bracket can be secured to almost any accessible survace (i.e. a wheelchair, dock rail, boat rail, etc.)

Casts Anywhere – The caster turns on the mounting bracket to allow casting in any direction.

Casting Distance – Consistently casts a large size wooden egg bobber 100 feet. Although lighter baits won’t cast quite as far, it will cast heavier baits and lures over 100 feet.

Ability to Fight Fish – The three push buttons, which control all of the functions of the caster, can be activated in a sequence to create a “Pumping Action” with the fishing rod allowing the user to fight, play-out and land large fish

For totally hands-free fishing, a chest plate is worn on the user’s chest which supports a fully adjustable arm and control box containing either the 3 push buttons that can easily be activated by the user’s chin; or 3 adjustable Modular Hoses that can be positioned for sip and puff control.

For extremity control, the chest plate can be used as a base to position the buttons either in the lap or near a foot for push-button control.

Completely Assembled – Comes completely assembled and includes a Shakespheare Synergy 7′ spinning rod and a Zebco 33T electric retrieve reel

We’ve seen all sorts of assistive devices designed to help disabled people do ordinary things that the rest of us take for granted. Somehow we managed to miss Ken’s Power Caster, a fishing accessory for wheelchairs that’s been on the market for a few years. The caster can be operated via push buttons or with a chin joystick or a sip & puff controller.

The device basically snaps to the wheelchair, then connected to a power source, and can be rotated in the desired direction to automatically launch the lure. There are also options that allow for additional movements to help get the big one, and the system will reel in the fish once it is hooked.

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