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Manufacturer s pil, amantadine hydrochloride 50 mg 5 ml syrup; alliance pharmaceuticals, the electronic medicines compendium.

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Amantadine was not mutagenic in the ames microbial test using salmonella typhimurium or a mammalian mutagen assay using chinese hamster ovary cells when the tests were performed with or without metabolic activation.

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Amantadine also has a mild anticholinergic effect.

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Amantadinehydrochloride cautions amantadine generally is well tolerated, although serious adverse effects have been reported rarely.

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The use of amantadine is contraindicated in people with liver and kidney problems or a history of seizures, and mixing certain medications with amantadine can be a very bad idea.

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An unrelated use of amantadine is in the treatment of viral infections of some strains of influenza a.

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generic name amantadine – oral a-man-ta-deen .


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