AT&T, Softbox and Merck Test Smart Drug Delivery Drones

Timely delivery of drugs to sites of disaster is one of the most important actions organizations can take to lessen the burden on the affected population. Diseases can spread quickly and stopping them soon after detection can help prevent a disaster following a hurricane, earthquake, or some other calamity. AT&T has now partnered with Softbox, a company that makes temperature control packaging, and Merck, a big pharma, to test out delivery of drugs in Puerto Rico.

hey’re using a drone with a so-called “Skypod” carrier in which the drugs travel. The Skypod features AT&T’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which allows the operator to track the location, internal and external temperature of the box, as well as if the box is open and may have been compromised. Warning appear if any of the conditions reach outside their normal ranges for the specific medicine being carried. Additionally, if the box leaves a certain area that it shouldn’t, there can also be warnings setup for that scenario.


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