Dhariya Mehta from Shire shares his views on the future of Pre-Filled Syringes

The Pre-Filled Syringes East Coast Conference – April 8-9 , Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA, USA – is an essential platform to discuss the latest issues, engage and network with the leaders in the pre-filled syringe industry.

Dhairya Mehta, Director of Device and Combination Products from Shire, who is one of the Chairs at the event, recently did an interview with the SMi Group where he gave his thoughts on the recent developments in the industry and what the drivers will be over the coming years.

Dhariya said:

“The Pre-filled syringe market has expanded throughout the drug delivery market with so many new technologies that have morphed into the PFS field”.

“One main progression in the field is how to deliver a large viscous dose to the patient. Pre-filled syringes have made a leap into this with larger containers and better drug delivery systems for improved, easier delivery for patients”.

“Current platforms and syringes are getting increasingly optimized and are no longer stand-alone, with forms such as autoinjectors and pens. Forming the glass is where the science meets the art! A pretty good amount of tolerance is needed when fitting the syringe into an injector and pre-filled syringes are becoming less likely to have defects”.

“There is also a good amount of syringe protection preventing issues such as needle-sticks.  There is an increasing amount of attention on the scrutiny and regulations around needle sticks to prevent biohazards …….”

The full interview is available in the Download Centre at http://www.pfsamerica.com

Key sessions over the two days will focus on:

  • Updates on new and existing regulatory processes
  • Integration of combination products, evaluation of new laws and technology trends
  • Human factors and prioritizing patient safety
  • Regulatory environment for combination products
  • Chemical compatibility and design control strategies
  • Product integrity, troubleshooting techniques and outsourcing
  • The future of pre-filled syringes


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