How Has The Choi Implanter Pen Revolutionised Overcoming Hair Loss?

With hair loss reducing the confidence of hundreds of men and women, new revolutionary techniques are always being invented and created in order to help overcome this condition and assist these people in gaining back their self-esteem. One of these designs is the Choi Implanter Pen technique, but how exactly has it revolutionised overcoming hair loss? Let’s take a closer look, below.

Reduced Time Out Of The Body 

The Choi Implanter Pen technique is currently amongst some of the best hair transplant techniques in Turkey as it allows surgeons to input the hair without the graft being left out of the scalp for too long. This is crucial as the follicle can become damaged if left for too long, making this the ideal way of performing multiple grafts at once.

Fast Paced Procedure

This revolutionary technology was introduced in 1992 by Chio, however, it was not very widely received at first. Nonetheless, with procedures becoming faster paced, the use of a Choi Implanter Pen allows the surgeon to take out the hair from the scalp, whilst a second physician implants them into the specific area. This, therefore, reduces the amount of damage that is caused to the follicle as well as reducing the downtime following the procedure and increasing the speed of the procedure.

Limited Hair Damage

This way of implantation can also come as a benefit as it reduces the amount of damage not only to the grafts but also the existing hair. Due to the precise nature of this method, hair doesn’t have to be completely shaved off beforehand. This is therefore beneficial for women’s hair transplants as this allows them to keep their hair the way it was before surgery with minimal disruption or discomfort. This lack of shaving of the scalp is also crucial to helping create natural results as it allows surgeons to place the follicles with the natural hair, producing a seamless blend.

Streamlined Process

As well as the lack of damage to the hair, it also helps to streamline the process. This is helpful to all patients as this means that the waiting times are significantly shorter. What’s more, the time taken to recover from the process is much faster. This, therefore, means that you can be back to work following your hair transplant after 1-2 weeks, so you won’t require any downtime, which is perfect for those with a busy life, especially as there is very minimal scarring.

Another way that scarring is reduced from this technique is by taking the grafts from areas such as behind the ear. This hair is particularly strong and does not typically fall out as easily as the rest of the hair on the scalp, so by taking the hair from this area, you are taking less from more vulnerable areas hence the decrease in the amount of scarring that will be present during the healing process.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits for using the Choi Implanter Pen technique, which demonstrate why it has become a revolutionising way to overcome hair loss.

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