Stand Alone Pulse Oximeter

As many scientists have noted, there exists an increased demand for non-invasive methods of obtaining cardiovascular measurements in laboratory animals (e.g. rats, mice). For this purpose, we developed a veterinary quality pulse oximeter to obtain measurements of percent arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate in anesthetized animals using a non-invasive transducer applied to the surface of well-perfused tissue such as the base of the tail, ear, tongue, or paw.

  • Front panel display with continuous read outs of heart rate and SpO2
  • LED lights to indicate:
    • Sensor alarms
    • Signal out of track
    • Bad pulse signal
    • Sensor disconnect
  • Signal can be connected to standard USB port for computer interface
  • Pulse oximetry software (SOF-CANL-425) is included which:
    • Provides a chart recorder-like display of the arterial pulse tracing
    • Read outs for heart rate and SpO2
    • Exports data as ASCII text files for use with graphing or statistics programs
  • For data acquisition, the analog outputs (BNC-type connector) connect to an analog-digital DAQ system to gather:
    • Pulse rate
    • Raw plethysmograph
    • SpO2
  • Ideal tool for labs that frequently perform surgeries, applications include:
    • Monitoring anesthesia levels during surgery
    • Monitoring arterial oxygen saturation during respiratory physiology studies on hypoxia

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