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Philips DirectLife Activity Monitor at TEDMED

Philips DirectLife Activity Monitor at TEDMED

Philips DirectLife Activity Monitor at TEDMED

People across the US are breaking down personal barriers, getting active and fit with DirectLife. Read their stories of success.

An example: “The Direct Life Program has really made me very aware of keeping healthy and fit. In the past I would only get exercise once or twice a week but now I make sure that I do something active every day!”

With DirectLife, you can make small changes to bad habits – changes that help you find a more active lifestyle – and stay more active for the long term.

The slow, step-by-step program starts by tracking how much you move every day. We’ll help you set goals and track your progress. We’ll make suggestions about how to increase your activity levels at your own pace, and provide you a personal coach who can help you stay motivated. It’s a program you can stick to for the long term, because it’s custom built for you.

Last week at TEDMED, Philips was giving away their DirectLife devices that monitor person’s daily activity using a built-in accelerometer. In a crowded room at the conference, we spoke to one of the representatives of Philips to find out what the product is all about:

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