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GE Combines Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound in New Interventional Suite

GE Combines Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound in New Interventional Suite

GE Combines Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound in New Interventional Suite

For more than three decades, GE Healthcare has been committed to delivering high-quality, innovative advances in the mobile surgical C-arm field – supporting successful surgeries throughout the world with easy-to-use technology. Today at RSNA 2012, GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE) will showcase a number of new advanced imaging solutions for the surgical space, helping clinicians see more in the OR. These new innovations from OEC take surgical imaging to the next level, with offerings including a fluoroscopy ultrasound All-In-One Unit, and OEC’s new, affordable Brivo 865 Advance C-arm.

OEC Elite + Venue 40

Medical professionals worldwide have long recognized fluoroscopy and ultrasound as valuable modalities in the OR, and yet each imaging system is still considered and bought separately. Today, GE Healthcare shares its latest addition to its family of Hybrid Operating Solutions, the OEC Elite + Venue 40*, an integrated fluoroscopy and ultrasound all-in-one unit.

For the first time, surgeons and physicians can access fluoroscopy and ultrasound in a single workstation, to help maximize efficiencies in OR workflow, floor space, and costs. This new system combines the power, precision and performance of the OEC 9900 Elite C-arm with the simple-to-use GE Venue 40 tablet ultrasound to help see more during surgical procedures.

“We’re excited to bring together these two technologies, giving our customers the confidence they need to perform more complex procedures,” said Joe Shrawder, President and CEO, GE Healthcare Surgery. “We take pride in the advanced imaging capabilities of all of our systems across the GE portfolio. Combining two of our leading systems for the surgical suite is a solution our customers will appreciate.”

With this new system, the GE Venue 40 tablet is mounted within the OEC 9900 Elite C-arm’s workstation, allowing surgeons to easily access the ultrasound tablet when needed. Guiding the insertion and placement of needles, guidewires and catheters, surgeons can see more on the screens within comfortable view by leveraging these two modalities.

Instead of moving patients or imaging equipment in and out of the OR during procedures, surgical staff can view collocated displays for fluoroscopy and ultrasound without leaving the OR. The OEC Elite + Venue 40 brings both modalities together, allowing medical professionals to efficiently manage complex treatments while helping to preserve sterile environments.

“With its compact size and combined functions, this new system gives the surgical team more room to maneuver quickly around the OR, especially when responding to sudden changes in a patient’s condition during a procedure,” Shrawder said. “And when patient care requires ultrasound alone, the Venue 40 unit easily detaches from the C-arm to go to the clinical environment where the patient needs care.”

*The OEC Elite + Venue 40 is not available for sale in all areas globally.

OEC Brivo 865 Advance

GE’s leadership in innovation continues with the OEC Brivo 865 Advance**, the company’s latest addition to its portfolio of surgical C-arms. With legacy OEC image quality and ease-of-use the affordability and reliability of this new Brivo C-arm will offer a high quality, affordable option for basic surgical imaging.

The first C-arm from OEC’s Brivo line designed for the needs of US customers, the Brivo Advance utilizes enhancements and extras—such as Advanced Clear Intelligence imaging, an intuitive user interface, and wireless connectivity—to give surgical teams the image quality and easy-to-use technology they’ve come to expect from OEC, with the affordability of the Brivo product line.

“We’re thrilled to bring our line of Brivo C-arms to the US with the new OEC Brivo 865 Advance,” said Shrawder. “The C-arm offers an affordable solution without sacrificing the technology and innovation OEC is known for. It provides easy positioning and maneuverability enabling optimal image acquisition with fewer re-takes, and new advancements in steering and lightweight construction make the system highly portable.”

** 510(k) Pending at U.S. FDA. Not available for sale in the United States.

* Trademark of General Electric Company.

GE Healthcare at RSNA 2012

At RSNA 2012, GE Healthcare is introducing a number of new devices including the OEC Elite+Venue 40. The system combines a fluoroscope and ultrasound into one unit for greater convenience, a smaller footprint, and financial savings compared to using separate devices. Here’s Joe Shrawder, President and CEO Surgery at GE Healthcare, showing off the new system:

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